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Project Iced Blood - COMPLETE 16/02/16


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So, turns out I really enjoyed modding my Antec 902, but annoyingly the way my living room is set out and the fact the window is on the right hand side of the case, no one can actually see the work I did without leaning over the side of the Sofa/Desk to able to view inside it 
 Step up the Thermaltake Core X9 
Now Purchased :clap:
 For this I will be gutting the main components out of my sig rig:
 Intel i7 4790K
 Asus Maximus VII Ranger
 SoundBlaster Z
 Gskill Ripjaw X 4 x 4GB
 Samsung XP941 256GB PCIE SSD
 Corsair 620w
 Asus ROG Front Panel
 EK-DDC 3.2 PWM X-RES 140
 Alphacool UT60 240mm radiator
 For the moment everything is purely in planning phase, at this time I am considering the following:
 Watercooling to be Pastel Red for CPU Loop and Pastel White for the GPU Loop
 The following components form my "planned" watercooling shopping list:
 Chipset waterblock for Motherboard - EK-MOSFET ASUS M7G - Acetal+Nickel
 CPU Waterblock - EK-Supremacy EVO - Nickel (CSQ)
 GPU Block - Bitspower VG-NGTX970ESACX Acrylic
 360mm Radiator - Alphacool 35273 NexXxoS XT60 Radiator 360 White Edition x2
 Reservoir + Combo - EK-DDC 3.2 PWM X-RES 140, Water Cooling Pump (This matches the one I currently have)
 Monsoon White Fittings - ModMyToys 19/13mm (ID 1/2 - 3/4) Compression Fitting - Six Pack - White + Red Carbon (For the white loop)
 Fans, open to advice here, I want 3x white LED for the white loop and 2x red for the red loop
 White - Enermax T.B.Vegas 120mm Single Fan White LEDs - Purchased
 White caps - Monsoon x5
 Tubing - Primochill Advanced - Purchased
 Coolant - Mayhems Pastal Red
 Coolant - Mayhems Ice White
 Fan Controller - BitFenix Recon - White
Additional Comment:
 been planning this a little more after i came up with an idea whilst playing Wildstar. Im thinking of a small section using some 3g fake grass with a small anime figurine inside the case using the 2x reservoirs as a back drop
 and something along the lines of 


 I've finally made my mind up on a few things, and whilst I don't have the Thermaltake case yet (delays from supplier) I have actually managed to get started.
I've decided to keep the RoG Front Base for the Asus Ranger Motherboard. Now as the case is going to be sprayed white, I figured I should make the front base as white as possible:
First thing I need to do was get the #### off (no puns!) what a pain in the rear this was, but eventually it came off allowing me to fully strip down the electrics from the case/cover:
Once that was stripped I went out and picked the brightest white I could find which is useable on both plastics and metal. Once the screen was masked up I got to work with the primer:
I've finished applying the top coat now, i'm going to let it dry over night, check for runs and hopefully remove the tape tomorrow evening, by which time I should know if the case is in stock at Scan smile.png
Got the RoG Front Base fully painted and re-assembled:
So today the Thermaltake case arrived and oh boy, its big!
I took a picture of it here on my desk in between an Antec 902 and a Zalman case, both are mid towers, but it does show the scale of the Core X9.
Heres a few pictures of the case before I stripped it down for painting:
Top view with cover removed and rad/fan mounts still fitted:
Motherboard tray:
PSU Area (one of two!)
Front lower and drive cages, I won't be using these in my mod unless I need 6TB in the future : )
And here is the stripped frame, when they said this was modular they weren't joking!
I have started painting the internal parts of the case and the front mesh, I really under estimated how much paint I would need to do this, however heres some progress:
Front fully painted biggrin.png
PSU Blank/Grill
selection of other parts:
Transferred the 200mm Red Fan from my Antec 902 mod to use in the front of this one.
Here's some pics of things so far:
UPDATE 15th Feb 2015
So I finally got around to finishing the painting today, I had the roof and side panel to paint and a few imperfections to address. So now I can say that the case is fully painted, now need to work out where I want to placed the 2x 360mm radiators and whether or not to go push or pull with the fans:
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Today I got a couple of in house engineers to help with the partition. Hopefully have it end of this week/beginning of next week with the lettering machined out biggrin.png


Today I had some treasures arrive biggrin.png


 I unboxed a few things and tried a preliminary fitting of the rads and fans and I think I'm quite happy, just gotta make sure it tallies up with the partition wall.


I love these fans



Got the partition wall back today and I think the guys did a great job! I need to take it in again tomorrow for tweak to make it fit perfect before spraying it white, but it looks pretty good. Once the acrylic arrives I can stick the centres of the B, D and O's.
Heres the trunking im going to use to hide the cables going to the Asus Rog and Fan controller


I may have to reconsider the rad positioning for the CPU loop as the D will be covered if it goes where it's planned at the moment
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Looks Awesome!


Hi thanks, a little update from today:


So today I got quite a bit of work done and I think it's finally starting to look like a modded pc rather than a small building site, as a plus note i think i've finished spray painting so that should please the wife!
So the partition is painted and fitted, but I'm waiting on the 5mm LED's to arrive before I fit the acrylic and the inside of the B,D and O's from the text. I also painted and added my 240mm radiator to lower of the case to fill the void that was left from moving the rad to the ceiling:
As I said I've also moved the other 360mm rad to the ceiling, if it was left in the lower section it would obscure half of the text on the partition wall. Now both 360mm rads are in the roof!
As i got the partition wall in I figured I may aswell go ahead and sort out the locations of the two EK Pump/Res combos. I de-pinned the PWM and Molex connectors and made small holes on top of the partition allowing the wires to be hidden. That involved dropping the bottom from one of the res's to switch the wires to the reverse side. Now its all done, and i really like the look so far. The fittings on the left side Res will be swapped to the white ones i detailed in my initial parts list once i win the lottery to pay for everything :roll eyes:



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Looks like a nice build, just remember that cable management in a case like this, is everything for a clean look.


Since you seem to have access to cutting tools, so would I have made a small hole on the side of the motherboard tray, so you dont have to run the cabels to the cable holes.

The CPU power cable in black, is a good example of a cable that would have benefitted from a small hole next to it, so it dont have to run all the way around the motherboard.

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Just ordered a whole load of stuff including all the fittings, a 7th fan for the 240mm rad, the Mod My Toys Compression fittings, braid kits, pwm extenders, Sata adapters, Fan Controller (Bitfenix Recon, pretty much the only white fan controller!) and 2x pwm hubs. Will have a busy few days i think.


Also the Cable for the RoG Front Base was too short as i expected, got to cut this and inline splice some extensions to lengthen it as Asus don't make a longer cable!

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Today I got the partition wall finished and the LEDs fitted to the acrylic back drop, so now the wires are hidden. Some of the fittings also arrived, mainly the 90 and 45 degree angles and tubing so I could start some routing. The cpu loop is almost complete, but I'm still waiting on funds to purchase all the water blocks from EK.


I decided to drop the motherboard and PSU in the case tonight as a temporary fit just to see what extra cables I'm gonna need and basically to see how the fans look, and I love them lol biggrin.png

For a start i need a braided 8 pin tax extender, cable is just long enough!


I got the partition wall finished with LEDs fitted to the acrylic, so now the wires are well and truly hidden! I also had a delivery which was made up of the primachill tubing, and the 45 and 90 degree fittings (12 of). I got most of the CPU loop complete but i don't have the white compression fittings yet for the GPU and I'm still waiting on some funds to buy the EK CPU, GPU and motherboard chipset block
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Today I got the partition wall finished and the LEDs fitted to the acrylic back drop, so now the wires are hidden. Some of the fittings also arrived, mainly the 90 and 45 degree angles and tubing so I could start some routing. The cpu loop is almost complete, but I'm still waiting on funds to purchase all the water blocks from EK.

You might want to try and get a darker color on the red, as that almost look pink.

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So as the 240mm radiator was added later on into the planning stage, it also happened to form one of the lower points in the CPU loop. Therefore i needed to add an additional drain to the one already planned for the res. So this weekend i got that finished which required some metal work on the rear grill to provide an opening for the actual drain point:


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Today i had a couple of deliveries arrive including the Bitfenix Recon fan controller, 2x PWM hubs, a braiding kit, 8 pin red extension and the final Enermax Vegas fan for the 240mm radiator. I spent quite a lot of time wiring everything up and tidying up the looms from the fans in the ceiling of the case and also tidied some of the wires around the back of the partition. I also braided the CPU loop pump wire and the front panel header cables:
Got the wife to take the pictures as she better with camera than me, took the picture of the text with the lights off and no flash, but i think the exposure was too low, however the text doesn't appear as pink as normal lol
The front of the case, pretty much the only finished area : )
Both fans fitted to the 240mm radiator:
New XSPC fittings fitted to the res/pump combos, wanted to use the black chrome ones which I already had but seems theres a global shortage of black chrome


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Just ordered the remaining 2 red compression fittings and the chipset and CPU waterblocks and as some people have asked how the case looks externally at the moment i figured I should add some pictures. These were quite difficult to get right as the lighting in my room is quite dim and the flash seems to over power the colours in the case:


Excuse the Intel Cooler, need something to keep that chip cool while she's been snapped!
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Update 06/03/15

Just had some goodies arrive from Mayhems!
A pretty large box in which contained:
2x 1 Ltr Pastel Red
2x 1 Ltr Pastel Ice White
1x 1 Ltr H2O Pure
2x Blitz Pro 2
2x 15ml Red Dye
1x Blitz Clean Basic
and 2x something else .....
Thanks again to Mick at Mayhems!
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What's in the box ?

2x Mayhems 360mm Havoc Radiators! Quad pass, triple chamber, can't wait to try these, but first I need to paint the primer to match the case, back to annoying the wife!
Nice paint free threads!
Ready for painting, a quick layer of white primer (although it's primed I feel going white needs to be over white primer ) before painting
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Spent some time today working on the cable management around the motherboard tray and got the CPU and Chipset blocks fitted, just waiting on those compression fittings to arrive today, had an interesting chat with watercoolinguk.co.uk today which ended in no more information on where the #### the fittings are:

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Postman came today with not one, not 2, but 3 parcels :clap:

My remaining fittings
Quickly got everything connected, carried out a few hour flush and then filled the system. Done some leak checks just bleeding it now:
Love that block!
Had to take the fittings out from the CPU > Chipset as there just wasn't enough room to bend the hose:
Reservoir filled (well the cpu loop)
Just gotta get the EK Block now for the 970GTX, but that is going to have to wait as I have to go away with work tomorrow :waah:
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