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Project Iced Blood - COMPLETE 16/02/16


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Slight change to the cpu > chipset blocks

Loving that PWM plug there
So i'm about to go away with work for a while which puts this build on hold for a little while, so heres my to do list (for me as much as others!)
Ek 8mm extender needs fitting to the Chipset block as you can see in the picture its not quite parallel.
Order and fit EK 970 ACX + Nickel Backplate.
Order 1x XSPC Chrome 90 degree fitting (not in stock at the moment). This is the final fittings for the GPU loop.
Figure out a way to either make the bitfenix recon work with the pwm hubs and ek pwm pumps or buy a new fan controller. Or buy 4x fan pwm splitter cables for the 8 fans and find another way of controlling the pumps (must avoid connection to motherboard)
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Well it's almost there, still need to drain the cpu loop and change the extender on the chipset block. Also considering some Hyper X Fury ram sticks to add a little more white to the motherboard area.

Water block now fitted, just annoying that you can't actually see the good work the EK guys did
A little look around the far side
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Well the memory arrived and its now fitted so i guess that this is now complete, it's taken a lot longer than i wanted it to, but then working away for 3 months probably didn't help! :roll eyes:

Here's the ram all fitted:
Thanks again to Mick at Mayhems for providing the 360mm Havoc Radiators, all the coolants and the Blitz Pro Kit :clap:
Thanks for reading :thumb:
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Hurray, Parcelforce finally picked up my shipment from UK customs, a nice little box of modding kit for this build!


Thanks to Primochill for providing the following products:




So 2x Flow Meters, A Rigid Bender, a whole bunch of the new Primochill RSX fittings and a whole bunch of Primochill 12/10mm PETG tubing




Rigid Bender, seems like a nice piece of kit, used it this evening and it definitely works, good job Primochill! 








2x Flow Meters - During the last 6 months or so my rig has been pretty #### quiet, too quiet. At times I wasn't sure if the pumps were actually running, so these should hopefully aid that issue:


I really like the amount of different tubing configs you can use with these:







Next up are the 2x sets of Primochill RSX rigid tubing fittings. These are very new and they seem like a massive improvement over the Monsoon fittings I was using previously


Particularly liked the packaging!







I eventually ended up spending around 6 hours making some progress tonight. Most of that time was actually used to strip all the radiators and tubing out and flushing all the old coolant out and cleaning the CPU/Chipset blocks.


I made a few bends and got to grips with using the Rigid Bender, which is pretty useful!










Some more work done yesterday prior to a heavy night on the town!


First piece of bending today was a pain in the ####, trying to get the bends correct for the pump outlet that drops below the partition wall and into the 240mm radiator








Once that one was done (5 attempts later!!!)  it was pretty much plain sailing to complete the CPU loop and most of the GPU loop




I changed the old GPU layout a little to allow for cleaner looking bends and adding the Flow Meter




Then onto some leak checking for the CPU loop, early signs all good




Finally finished the loop and did some leak checking and all seemed good ....


Had a leak from the Parallel Terminal (only part not disturbed!) which leaked in between the 2x GPU's where I can't see ....


Turned PC on, pc restarted twice then I switched off at mains and eventually found the issue. On the plus side both GPU's are fine as I've tested those in another rig and I've dried the motherboard out and blown it through with compressed air. Will wait till tomorrow to test the board, but fingers crossed ...


UPDATE 15/02/16


Did all those last night and rebuilt the loops and waited until this morning to power up the PC.



So back to leak checking!! (although I was pretty certain there were no leaks this time!)








I left it running like that a little whilst bleeding the loops and leak checking all the fittings and especially that Parallel Terminal, had half of a toilet roll stuffed between those gpus today!!


So it's now complete, it works and more good news, my RMA replacement for my Asus RoG Swift Gsync monitor shall arrive tomorrow!!






I decided to do a little stress testing whilst finishing off the flushing and making 100% sure there is no leaks, AIDA 64 full stress test without any issues, so I guess I really did get lucky with that leak!






I followed the AIDA64 with a run of 3dmark Firestrike on default settings, just to see what kind of scores I could get and how the temps are:






This was the second run, I'm pretty sure I can get 1500mhz on these cards and I know the CPU does 4.9ghz. This one was ran at 1468/1856 on the cards and the CPU at 4.8ghz









Graphics score 25816, I'm plenty happy with that, more impressive were the temps:












Next weekend I'm gonna try for 5ghz on the CPU and 1500/2000 on the cards, probably going to need a bios flash, but I will see how I feel at the time.






Onto the final pics, thanks for reading so far!




































The RoG front base still isn't working as my man that is lengthening my loom is out of the country with work, that will be added in a couple of months



















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