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Welcome Fellow Enthusiasts!!

Tt Andy

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Hi I'm D. Squnt,

My rig runs 3570k @ 4.5ghz with a GTX 780ti, 8g 1600 avexir RAM 2tb HDD + 256gb Samsung SSD


Anyone know when  GTX 880 comes out?


Nice specs D. Squnt, 

I'm not really sure when GTX 880 will come out, the dates are all speculation so far.

But honestly I think your 780Ti will be more than enough to handle anything you throw at it for the next year or so, maybe even longer :D

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Hey CareFactorOver9000, welcome to the Tt community!


We might see the 8 series cards a little sooner and could also see more versions available than just the flagship GTX they always do.


Check this out - http://goo.gl/vq1T80


NVIDIA is pretty good with a release around OCT/NOV-ish..


My SLI GTX 770's are sitting pretty good with what I am playing for the moment :D

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Hey guys whats up. I'm Nick I love tearing stuff apart and making it look cool, I can't wait to see what all you guys got going on with your rigs. Hopefully we can inspire each other and make Thermaltake's awesome products even better.


Swing by and check out some of my latest projects.


"Man of Steel"





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