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Fast and Cheap PSU Shroud mod


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hey guys, knocked up a quick, cheap and easy PSU shroud mod i thought i would share with you :)

Time: 10-15mins

Tools and Materials:

Hot Glue Gun

sheet of Foamboard 500mmx770mmx5mm

Box cutters or scissors


white pencil (if doing black)

tape measure

pretty simple really. measure the depth x length for the top, and then height x length

while you want your measurements to be straight, it doesnt need to be "perfect" as once mounted, most of the imperfections are hidden.

once you have your two cuts, ensure you push the top against the side, this is so your open cut of foamboard is pointing upwards, and "hidden"

make sure its straight (but again, doesnt need to be perfect) and simply hot glue together. i did a strip along the entire length.

i should mention, test to make sure each part will fit in easily. i found that i needed to cut 5mm off the length to ensure it would fit.

total cost: $30 ($13 for Glue Gun, $13 for foamboard, $4 for pencil and ruler, everything came from Officeworks)

i should also add, this is something anyone can do. im not artsy and crafty by any means, but i think this is certainly something ANYONE can do, incredibly cheaply as well.

sorry for the poor photos, was having upload problems.



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haha, thanks guys!


im pretty chuffed with how it came out. planning on adding a shroud to the side to cover th HDD cage and AIO Rad tomorrow as well, have done some testing, looks really nice.


also getting some EVGA and ROG metal badges delivered, i cant seem to find any Thermaltake ones though :(


its funny actually, having not done anything artsy in almost 15 years, and using some cheap materials, i really wasnt expecting much, but im really happy with how it has turned out. it looks fantastic, and it doesnt look like something thats been added, it kinda looks OEM to me. haha.

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