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Tt eSPORTS - SHOCK Headset

Tte Jeff

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I have to rate this headphone a 3/10, it is VERY un comfortable, the ergonomics are wrong, the pads are too stiff, the padding on the headband is stiff, thats the problem with the comfort, the design is wrong too, the earcups have an adjusting feature that is very stiff at first but gets loose with time and evetually comes off. The mic is TERRIBLE, noisy and it doesnt work with some soundcards. The sound is the only acceptable part about this headphone, is is a mediocre sound, but it isnt as bad as the rest of the headphone, it has a nice bass  and i can hear an acceptable level of game detail, the problem is the very fatiguing treble, the treble is piercing and hurts my ears, some friends have confirmed this too, the sound would be nice at least if the treble texture was soft and nonfatiguing. 


I compare this headset to other headsets in this price range, like the plantronics gamecom 380 and the logitech g430, and it just doesnt compete, the plantronics and the logitech are way more comfortable, the mics have no problems, they sound about the same thought, the shock, 380 and the g430, thats why i said the sound was acceptable.


If this shock headset had a better mic, different ergonomics and design, but the same price and sound it would have been a nice contender

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