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[CLOSED] Season 1 CaseMOD Invitational Voting, nomination giveaway winners announced!!

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Thank you all for joining the Community Voting Event and the Nomination event, here are the winners!!

Congratulations guys and girls!


Please inbox me (Tt Andy) with your shipping details and contact number and we will get your prize shipped to you soon!


NOTE: Since Event was pushed back the Grand Final Winner will be released on June 19th, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused 



Week 1 Voting Winners

Core V51                                                 Butcher9_9

TR2 700W Gold                                         katinka86

Water 3.0 Extreme S                            DarkMiner25

ASUS RPAC52                                   Americanfreak

Riing LED x 2                                   onkelwaldemar

Avexir Core Series                                      kabotee

POESIDON Z Forged                                      meaw

EnerG 6600mAh Power bank                     Sanjaya



Week 2 Voting Winners

Core V71                                                         TtFr33k

TR2 700W Gold                                  dreadbeast666

Water 3.0 Extreme                                          iebous

ASUS TUF Trooper B85                        xFunOxygen

Riing LED x 2                                                 jtheater

Avexir Core Series                                   LilianaTsuji

THERON PLUS+                      Thanakit Sunantanam

EnerG 6600mAh Power bank                 DigDuck                           



Nomination Prize

Core X9                                                       Dabeavis

DPS G 1050                                               Martin_591

Water 3.0 Extreme S                                   63sierra

ASUS RPAC52                                                                                                                Najiro

Riing LED x 4                                                                                                            RVFER 

Avexir Core Series                                   Enkountor

TteSPORTS Back V2                             Hotcoolman

Kingston HyperX 120gb SSD               Acojonancio          

EnerG 6600mAh Power bank                 danacrd



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Just seeing my name up there next to Core X9 made me flip out a bit since I was mainly in it for the other prizes, congrats to all the other winners as well. I'll kindly use it in my build for sure (I'll likely do an unboxing video of sorts once it arrives). Even if it looks too big to sit comfortably on my desk (and just too big for my basic non-LCS build) I can't pass up a free chassis that relieves me the $70 that would go towards a v31, especially not after watching Stuart Tonks's video of it.


I sent the PM already, and it looked like it went through now.

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