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WorkLog Thermaltake Core X9 Cape Canaveral GamesCom Mod


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Hello everybody,

it is time for my new project. This time I have the honour of modding a Core X9 from Thermaltake for display at Gamescom Cologne 2015.

First of all a HUGE "Thank you" to Thermaltake Germany, who enable me to put a CaseMod on display at Gamescom.

Further shoutouts go to Superior Modding Supplies - Gosumodz.com and Modworkx for the collaboration.

The project:

Case, power supply and many cooling components are sponsored by Thermaltake

The case is the black X9 of the Core series. I will apply a mirror mod from the outside and inside I will remodel "Cape Canaveral".

There will be a small space shuttle inside, one of the reservoirs will server as fuel tank or carrier rocket.

Furthermore, I will add a hangar, fuel pipes and more tanks.

The launching pad will be illuminated by LEDs.

I got many more ideas but need to check what can actually be carried out.

The hardware:

ASUS MAXIMUS VII FORMULA / ASUS POSEIDON GTX980 / OCZ Vector 180 480GB / Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original, weiße LED / CPU noch offen /

2 x Pacific RL 420
1 x Pacific T11 - 22 - 33
1 x Pacific P1 Pumpe Black
1 x Pacific W2 Cpu Kühler

15 x Pacific 1/2'' ID x 5/8'' OD Anschlusstülle - Schwarz
6 x Pacific G1/4 90° Adapter – Schwarz


Thermaltake Germany / Asus Rog / Mayhems / Avexir / Gosumodz / Modworkx /  OCZ




The First Pic´s








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I managed to accomplish a few things again. The new front panel is made of 3mm thick plexiglass, the 130mm holes have been cut with a Dremel.

The plexiglass was painted with a matt black.

The middle plate is a 2mm thick aluminium plate (the reservoir would have been too heavy for plexiglass, it would have bent).

With a countersink I cut six holes for the bulkhead coupling. You can find 10 holes on the sides of the plate (take a guess what the straw is for?). The middle has two holes for in- and output of the reservoir.

Again, the plate has been painted with a matt black.


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Today is not my day... First, I get the measurements for the side panel wrong by 100mm and then two corners break, one from the front panel on the bottom left and one from the mainboard tray.


I still managed to accomplish a few things. The cover for the PSU is done and the holder for the reservoir with Thermaltake logo are finished.


This is how the case soon will look like from the outside.


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Heute gibt es ein paar Sponsorenbilder und Danksagungen :

Vielen Dank an ‪#‎AsusROG‬ ‪#‎Avexir‬ ‪#‎OCZ‬

Das Board ist ein Maximus VII Forumla Z97
Der Speicher ist ein Avexir Blitz 4 x 4 GB 1600Mhz
Die SSD ist eine OCZ Vector 180 mit 480GB

Vielen Dank auch an Martin Pajenkamp von ‪#‎ThermaltakeGermany‬ der wirklich alles gibt für das Projekt


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Slowly but surely everything is taking shape! The tubing in the basement is done, radiators, pump and reservoir are connected and the first leak test run was successful.


First test for the illumination of the space shuttle with 3mm LEDs in straws  :)


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