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Ring Quad Fan Issues


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I purchased the Ring Quad fan system and just received it three days ago. 

The first problem I have is that the power connector to the control box has something wrong with it. I have to pull the power connector at an angle to get it to power up the fans. I have tried the included power connector as well as two others directly from my power supply with the same issue. It make for the fans going on and off all the time because if the cable is not at the right angle then it losses power.

The second problem is I have downloaded multiple Neon Maker profiles from your website and they will not load anything into the Neon Maker software or into the TT ring Plus software. 


What is with this. For the price I should be able to plug them in and have them work. Not only will they not stay on because of a power issue when they are on I can not import any profiles. 

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I bought some of the Riing Quad last week.
From my experience with these:
For the power connector, you mean the cable from your controller with the Molex connection?
It worked for me, but they can be a bit tricky to connect, just make sure they are fully in. If it still gives you trouble, do you have some other TT controller that you can use to check if the problem comes from the cable itself?

Regarding the software, I´ll be painfully honest, It Su***, it´s really bad, on my side every single time I plug some audio the software crashes.
There seems to be no communication from TT RGB PLUS and NEON Maker. 
I'll copy you the answer I received from Thermatake Support :


The latest software update did fix a couple of old issues but created a few new ones as well. The older version is more stable than the current. Follow the outlined procedure to fully uninstall any software pertaining to the update and the link will provide you with the previous build. 

Here are steps to remove the software. You will want to start with View hidden files and folders in Windows 10 . You can search online for instructions control panel making folder files visible. Once you have done this you can open your local drive and open Users Folders. Once in Users folder you will open the file computer name and it should show folder AppData and in that folder you will find Roaming Folder. Once you open the Roaming folder you will want to delete any TT Folders/Files. Once your done removing the hidden file uninstall the RGB Plus Software and then restart the computer. Once you done this you will need to install the new version again of the RGB Plus software linked below.

Old version download link: https://file.thermaltake.com/file/software/TTRGBPlus_Setup_133_x64.zip

So there you go, they just suggest to roll back to previous version. it´s a bit better, but it doesn´t really fix anything.
So the best we can hope for is for TT to release a new software corrected with all these bugs. 

Good luck

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I have tried different Molex power cables. They all work fine on my Ring plus controller so i guess the problem has to be in the Ring Quad control box. 


The older version of the software does not support the use of the Neon Maker profiles so kind of defeats the purpose of getting the Ring Quad in the first place. 

Thanks for the info. Mabey Thermaltake will chime in with some help.

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Just an update. I have went through the RMA procedure through there website like I was told by the tech support. It has now been 4 days and I have not gotten any info for sending them back for RMA. It just says. 

CSR is reviewing your RMA request.


I understand things are upside down right now but a response would be good still for a unusable product that cost $150. I am starting to loose hope in TT.  Has anyone else gotten any information for an RMA lately? 

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I have tried this on two different computers with the fans and controller installed. I have tried to load profiles into the Neon Maker software and after loading it there is nothing that shows up. If I create my own profile in Neon Maker I can save it and load it and it will show up when loaded. 

I have tried loading the profiles into the TT plus software and it does not display anything on the fans. If I load one that I have made from the Neon Maker software in the TT plus software it will work on the fans.

It seems that there is an issue were downloaded profiles will not load in either software. 


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I ended up returning them to were I bought them as it has now been three weeks and I still do not have working units. I got a response that my RAM was approved and that I would get a email with the shipping label that day. That was Thursday of last week and it is now Monday and I still have not received it. To bad. I will not be purchasing there products anymore and my last build I used there case and fans and power supply.  

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I have a similiar problem. I bought the TT Riing Quad 3-Pack setup with the controller. The Riing Plus software is working but if I load a NeonMaker profile it doesnt show the proper result. The bigger issue is the NeonMaker software. I can start the program and pick up the fans. The fans are lighting up red while picking. I guess the connection between mainboard and controller must be correct. 

The issue is when I click Done after picking the fans. The lights of the fans turn off for 3 seconds and the software crashes. I cant use the NeonMaker software at all. 

I tried to install the 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 version, reinstalled the Microsoft C++ 2015, plugged the 9 Pin connector in both (JUSB1 and JUSB2) interfaces. I dont know what to do know, the last resort is to return them because of the bad software.

May someone can help?


King Regards,



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