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(ended) Tt eSPORTS METALCAPS Giveaway

Tte Jeff

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My actual keyboard is ADAX 5201. 

I'm using this keyboard for a veeeery long time. She is my best cyber Friend and the most important ally. Thanks to her I've got many achievements in my favourite games. I've won everything that I have now (in games, ofc ;p) with her help. 

But lately, my Friend got sick. The QWER+DF keys are vanishing, from usage of course. They also get sticky if I'm not cleaning them each day. The sickness is getting stronger each day, yet, I do not want to change my friend for something new, that's mainstream. I want her!
Your gift would heal my Friends sickness. 
Can you help her? :)


PS I've attached photo of my Friend, but the quality isn't best. Failed camera 


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I like to have them because that would keep my challenger pro keyboard in the best condition so I can work and play all day without problems they look very strong and the best of the best as everything that makes thermaltake. :)


Hey Kilow, unfortunately they won't fit on your CHALLENGER Pro keyboard.    


Good news is, you're of course still eligible to win

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#### thats a nice thing I NEED iT NOW !!!   


i only buy  Tt ware (the best value for money/best headsets)  



*Tt shock black for the win *



I want it because it will truly show the beauty of my TteSPORTS keyboard! My caps now are all worn out and I definitely need a facelift for my AWESOME TTESPORTS products! 



I want one.

- Gonna shine it up real nice and stick it right on my MEKA keyboard!


Here's the 3 winners. Please PM me, within 3-4 days, to confirm winning (along with shipping information).

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