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What are the names of your rigs?

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My last one was called the "Blue Beast". Currently I only have a test/bench rig and with that being said the components are constantly changing in it so I call it my "Lil Orphan House" . 



Also, how dare you start such a thread and not give us the name of your rig... Shame on you :P


Haha, nice rig names TheEnos! loving the Lil Orphan House name

Oh i didn't leave the name of my rig haha, my bad!

I actually call my rig Sleeper! looks plain from the outside but can pack a punch haha..

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My upcoming one is the Red Comet which is a common nickname Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam is refferred to as due to the red mechs he pilots that are allegedly 3x faster than their normal counterparts (which is appropriate considering I haven't really used a PC with a Dedicated GPU in years). If I was to make future builds they would likely be successors such as "Red Comet Mk.II" and "Red Comet Ground-Type"

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