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Hello everyone!! My name is Ronnie Hara, I am 38 years old and was born in Curitiba (Brazil), and currently live in Japan to 22 years. I work as a headhunter and translator in my daily work, and in my

Hello everyone!!   I would like to first thank all the sponsors, participants and followers of this event !! I am here today to show the final pictures of Ant-Man Mod. Thank you all for this wonderf

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This is so cool, nice build, good theme :)




Thank you bro!!

:o  :o nice red and black combi


Thank you very much!!


Nice. teach me senpai :3


Thank you for viewing and moral encouragement. The other competitors are really very good! 頑張りã¾ã™ï¼ï¼

wow awesome!!!

Thank you!!

Cool stuff !


Thank you dude!

Digging the case mod so far!

still come many other things!! Thank you


As a poor gamer who can't afford those  beast it will be a great honor to win some of them so, please Senpai win this competetion good luck ^_^


Thank you for encouragement !! I will strive to bring good results !!   é ‘張りã¾ã™ï¼ï¼

nice specs on both PCs! Kampai!

Thank you!! 


Nice build bro! Keep it up! So inspiring! :D


I am happy to please your taste with my humble work. Thank you


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Thank you!!

This build is wicked. You rock Ronnie Hara! (btw, i like ants.)

Thank you bro for your help!!


Awesome man!! :D

Thank you


Black and red is overrated, but this one is an exception! well done! BEST one!


Thank you, I am very happy to please your taste fmy riend !!

awesome build. i like the dark reddish theme. it suits the parts that you put in. 

it makes it look more powerful. keep it up. i hope you win. :)


Thank you!! I will do my best

nice build sick

Thank you


wow! cool!


Thank you dude!

Keep it up Ronnie! Surprise them with a mod that they wont see coming.

I still have much work ahead. Thanks for the comment





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So Damnn Good man. Keep it up :)


Thank you

Crazy awesome dude..


Thank you!!

Looks awesome! 

I would like to thank all the views and the comfortable words of encouragement. This week I have a few more mod progress photos made this week. Thank you all.
































































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Loving the reservoir mount, not many give that much attention to such details.

Can't help but wonder tho, what are u going to do for the power cord, since it's now nearly covered by that sidewall... ?

Helllo Bro.  

actually I bought a cable L. format so I can connect without problems. Thank you !!

Wew. I wish i'll have a rig like this at some point in my life. Beautiful work sir!


I will be very happy to someday be able to help you with building a case dude!  Thank you!

Awesome work. 


way to go man!~ 




Thank you bro!!

As a fan of Marvel, I really like the concept of this build. The color fades are on point. The peripherals match it. I can't see any flaws in this build. I rate it 11/10. Goodluck with this competition, wish you all the best!


Thank you for your help and your positive comment bro!!

Go Pym Tech! :)


Thank you!!

Sugoi desu!!


Arigato gozaimasu!" Saigo made gambarimasu.

Hi shifu ,,,, you really are a master of your own,,,, Keep up what you are doing and i know you'll be the BEST !!!!! A huge fan here Mr. Ronnie Hara !!!!  :D

Thank you so much. I am very happy to please your taste bro!!


Coolest one I have seen so far in the competition, go for the win!

Thank you friend!! I will do my best


Coolest one I have seen so far in the competition, go for the win!



ronnie hara mod master.. so amazing..

Thank you!!


Hello everyone. I would like to thank all the support I am receiving from many people. Thank you for offering your time on this topic to leave a message for me.


Today more I post some work I have done today in case the front acrylic. I hope you like the result










Acrilic made By X-Zone !! Thank you !!


















































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There are only two things that I want for a PC build great specs and great design and this is much better than I can Imagine. I am a big fan of Thermaltake which excel on both specifications and design, and  Ronnie Hara made use of Thermaltake's capabilities on both design and functionality. I think this will be the top mod for this seasons CaseMOD Invitational. Cool Paint job by the way. Hope to see the finish product. 

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