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Nice! Ant man rocks!


Thank you!!



There are only two things that I want for a PC build great specs and great design and this is much better than I can Imagine. I am a big fan of Thermaltake which excel on both specifications and design, and  Ronnie Hara made use of Thermaltake's capabilities on both design and functionality. I think this will be the top mod for this seasons CaseMOD Invitational. Cool Paint job by the way. Hope to see the finish product. 



Thank you for the compliment my friend. I am very happy to please you with my work.


gotta love that red and black theme! using the same theme also! Good job!



Thank you!!


:lol:  :lol:  :lol: Go Ronnie. Looking good so far. I love the paint job. Keep it up.  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:


Thank you very much!! I still need to learn a lot about painting. I'm just a mere ####


####! The Color!!! This is so awesome Sensei!!!  I know this cannot go small like Ant Man but this is gonna be HUGE!!!! *_*


Thank you very much. unfortunately it is not small even, but accepted your Huge!!   lol


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awesome build  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  love the red/black theme  


Thank you!!

Lovely detailing along with paint jobs, these are the ones I admire.


Thank you!!

antman must be so proud of you!  :wub:

I'm just a mere #### in painting still. Thank you


Great theme! Looking forward to your victory :)

Thank you very much


Hello guys I am Karl, from Cebu,Philippines I want to win this giveaway items, coz I have a low spec pc, my momma can't buy me a latest specs because were poor, cashless person.

U will win bro!!

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! Well detailed from antman!


Thank you veru much!!

Amazing mod, it looks stunning!!!


Thank you

Wow! so much details! so much talent! *_*


Thank you for positive comment

Freaking Awesome!  Just staggered by what you're putting together.

Thank you, I will still a few things to put in the mod

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Hello everyone!!


I would like to first thank all the sponsors, participants and followers of this event !! I am here today to show the final pictures of Ant-Man Mod. Thank you all for this wonderful event. I hope you enjoy the end result.



































































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