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Hello everyone!! My name is Ronnie Hara, I am 38 years old and was born in Curitiba (Brazil), and currently live in Japan to 22 years. I work as a headhunter and translator in my daily work, and in my

Hello everyone!!   I would like to first thank all the sponsors, participants and followers of this event !! I am here today to show the final pictures of Ant-Man Mod. Thank you all for this wonderf

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Awesome result Ronnie! 




Thank you!!

Awesome!!! Good luck Ronnie! Very Creative indeed! lookout for Ali Abbas and Corey Gregory... Thank you so much for this! you are an inspiration to us modders! NEVER STOP MODDING!! :D


Thank you friend !! I am very happy to please you with my work.


Hey Ronnie, your build looks amazing !


Thank you bro!!


Awesome Ronnie ! !!!! #### love it !


Thank you dude!!

This is fantastic, Antman is nice! Well done!

Thank you!!


go go go ronnie hara fighting!

I hope to bring a good result !!  Thank you!!

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