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Shutdown/ unexpected Startup issue with DPS 650 G

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Hello All,


I have an issue with new DPS 650W G PSU:

- Motherboard MSI Z170A Pro, CPU i5 6600, M2.SATA HDD, 8GB RAM


My PC is powering up after Shutdown via Power button (on case) or Shutdown command from OS.

I see such behavior with various OSes: Win, Linux, FreeBSD.

I've updated MB BIOS to the latest version but the issue still exists.

I've disconnected all peripheral devices, like keyboard, mouse, external video card, switches/leds from case, Ethernet, funs (except CPU fun).

All "Wake up" settings are disabled in the BIOS but the issue still exists :-)

I.e. OS is loaded - I'm closing "Power contacts" on MB with screwdriver (simulate Power Off ) - System is going down -

all switched off - after 2-3 sec. system is going up again.


My PC works fine with PSU from another manufacturer (shutdown and power off as expected )


Any suggestions regarding my issue?


Thanks an advance.


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Hi All,


I've tested my Tt DPS 650 G PSU with 3 motherboards: ASrock(old), MSI (old), Gigabyte (old)

PSU works as expected, there are no issues with "Shutdown/Power off" and "turns back automatically" events.

Looks like I have an issue witn MSI Z170A Pro MB only.

I'm sorry for disturb this community.


Moderators, feel free to close this thread.


Thank you.

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