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Joshua Chang

Toughpower Grand RGB Gold Owners Club

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Hello my Fellow TT Army:


Welcome to the Toughpower Grand RGB Gold Owners Club. 

Once again you have made the right decision...and we thank you for that.

Toughpower Grand series is one of our best series so far and this ATX PSU contain all the best features and most affordable price ever.


Welcome to share your builts and ask questions here, we are looking forward to see all amazing works around the world.



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Good day.

It seems hard to find any info on this. But I was wondering as to why I don't have a RGB Sync in my TT soft?
I have - 

And I can't sync them with the software they use. Do I need to do something special for this to work or something?
Saw this video the other day, and I have a "Log in" button instead of a Sync DPSG button.
TT how to RGB

Hope to get some help.

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