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Voting Event (January 20th ~ February 3rd 2017)

Voting Event  

2,070 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you vote for?

    • [China] Yu Han
    • [Russia] Anton Popovich
    • [Thailand] Siwasak Sirisomboon
    • [Germany] Stefan Ulrich
    • [France] Bertrand Cucmag
    • [Australia] Stephen Hoad
    • [India] Rakesh Sharma
    • [USA] Jon Hansz
    • [Poland] Michal Lamtych
    • [Brazil] Maciel Barreto
    • [Equator] Simon Zambrano
    • [Malaysia] Irie Ahmad

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I voted for Yu Han from China, The amazing amount of design and architecture that went into this build is just absolutely crazy. The materials used and method of construction made me feel like it was not going to fall apart any time soon. I honestly wanted to vote for Stefan Ulrich from Germany. I loved his design and build all the way through, an Epic build for sure. I just felt like the opening of the doors looked as if they would and could fall off if not handled very gently. Congrats to all the contenders all of them are true works of art.

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