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Is possible start Riing plus software in background only on taskbar?

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As a title I would like the software to open in the background (only on the taskbar) when start windows.
This software is needed to manage the fans speed but I find invasive the window at every boot.
Does anyone know how to do it?

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its a absolute joke this hasn't been fixed yet. Its not like we can just stop it from starting up because then it wrong change the fan speeds according to the load on the PC. 

I guess I'll keep saying to customers: Thermaltake Coolers are decent, but the software side will drive you up the wall, stay clear.

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To make the program start up just on taskbar right click the TT rgb icon on the taskbar and you will see a option that says "Run TT RGB Plus Program when Windows starts" 


It has a box next to it. If the box is solid it like below it will open on your desktop at startup


If the box is hollow like below it will start on the taskbar.



yes it is bad wording should say something like "start in background" or "start hidden" 

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