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750w Gold Tough Power no fan led


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Hi Wax

Right now I have no idea what caused your Toughpower Grand RGB Gold LED malfunction.

Please contact our customer service for replacement:

Customer Service: 

USA/Canada/South America:


Australia/ New Zealand

International Global Customers:


Moreover, please help us continue to study on this issue by sending back your old power supply via FedEx.

Our Fedex account is 2472-4701-7 (Bill duties and taxes to recipient)
ADD: 5F, No. 185, Sec.2, Tiding Blvd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-8797-5788 ext 2502
Name: Joshua Chang

Greatly appreciated.

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Thank you Joshua for your reply and will do. I just got my TTMOD Multi color cable's in my View31. I did have to trouble shoot and turn the power button off and unplug several times to trouble shoot since the cable's didn't work at first and noticed my 24 pin came unplugged. Maybe the on and off effected it?

JaysTwoCents - sucks by the way... 598517c9e6259_mypc.thumb.JPG.10709aff5430345bc16c1dcbce58b2e8.JPGIMG_1462.thumb.JPG.7b9263e15fbcdc10c7c514356a320a1f.JPG



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