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[Germany] Ali Abbas

Tt Andy

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Hi everyone and thanks to all that like my work.

I will post a little update tonight.

Unfortunately my wife has been very sick and in hospital so I could not get the mod finished for the deadline in 2 days on the 22nd.

I will however continue to post seeing as this case mod will be finished as it deserves, with all the details and functional electro mechanical parts i have planned. So stay tuned and even though its a pity I will not finish it by the 22nd, I promise to keep you entertained with the world of Spartacus. I dont want to hurry rush and blunder, but to get every detail on it as I planned.

I will of course be taking part in the German Casemod Championship in August too with this mod.

Update in a few hours.

Bye, and thanks to all.

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1 hour ago, L3p said:

My thoughts are with you both buddy, hope she gets well soon!

thanks pete, i appreciate it.

she is out of danger now and back home. i feel better too knowing she is recovering, now i can get back to the mod.

unfortunatley i will not be finished on time but promise to finish it over the next weeks and months.

i managed to get some stain on the valerium shades



apart from that i also started the wooden strip covering in the front. i found dosme sheap snake leather belts which i am changing to match the theme.

am sure they will contrast well when the wood has its proper color. :-)



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thanks everyone and stuart and jos, yes i will try to get some updated pictures online and show some more progress. and i will of course carry on building too.

this is gonna be a real gladiator when its finished. i promise that.

and because its a competition, even though i have access to automation (laser, cnc and 3dp) it will be 100% handmade :-)

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