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Can 9 fan controller daisy chain?


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The question is as the title says, can the 9 fan controller be daisy chained? I have 12 fans in my case and I am using currently 3 of the 5 fan controller units, I got 2 of the 9 fan controller units and I tried but couldn't get it to daisy chain...was a lot of work wasted...

My motherboard is the gigabyte x399 designare EX, can connect one controller only to work with the mobo software.



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The SYNC controller, just to confirm this is what you are talking about..

Does not have a daisy chain option, if you need to run more than 9 devices, you need 2 controllers and a motherboard that has 2 5v RGB LED headers. 

Limitation not on our side for the most part.

Not many MB support 2 5v headers right now, but it is growing, like yours, it has 2 12v headers but only 1 5v.


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