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Floe Riing RGB 240 Fans Not spinning


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I've encountered a problem with my ThermalTake Floe Riing RGB 240 Liquid Cooler. The LEDs for the fans are lit but the fans are not spinning. Also I am unable to adjust the fan speed due to Controller error. I am able to adjust the fans LEDs but only under the Lumi Plus plus setting. Whenever I switch the dropdown menu to the Riing Plus selection I get a popup that says, "Warning Controller 1." I have double checked everything and it is all plugged in correctly with power and the correct dip switch settings. In my screenshot both 2 & 3 are the fans and 2 is experiencing the controller error under the Riing Plus selection. While 3 the other fan is set to Lumi Plus. 


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1 hour ago, View71 said:

the fans are all Ring Plus / Ring RGB is the pump hence you got 2 fans and 1 pump - no Lumi Plus
you have connected the usb and power cable too?

should look like this (Floe 360 here):


Yes the fans are Ring Plus but when I switch the dropdown from Lumi plus to Ring plus it says Warning Controller 1. And shows the display of the black with the red triangle and yellow exclamation mark. I'm not even able to get to the screen shown in yours to see the fan screen/speeds. I double checked everything and yeah the usb and power cables appear to be plugged in correctly.

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You say on port 2 is a Ring Plus fan connected but still a Warning.... leaves 2 possibilities:

1) That fan is a dud

2) That port is a dud

switch fan on that port 2 and see if that works - if same problem the controller port is bad

or if possible use another port if available

just my opinion...


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