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Thermaltake Commander C Series


Key Features

- Two Built-in 200mm 5V ARGB Front Fans

- Supports both ARGB Color Synchronization with ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and ASRock Motherboards

- RGB color selection button via the I/O Port

- Built-in ARGB Switch Board for Different Lighting Modes

- I/O Port Supports Dual USB 3.0

- Excellent Cooling Capability with 2-Way Radiator Mounting up to 360mm

- Gaming Design, Mesh Front Panel

- Riser GPU Support Bracket

- Built-in Power Cover

- 4mm Tempered Glass Side Panel

- Superior Hardware Support

Product Link

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On 2/24/2019 at 4:00 AM, EnosTech said:

Will be interesting to see the price points on these. Hoping they will be decent and offer good value for performance! 



the commander C series is now available on US AMAZON. and will be available soon in UK for sure.

this Case will not let you down for sure!!

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I have one of these cases. They look nice, and are quite light. I got one with a 650 W power supply pre-installed, which along with the pre-installed fans makes for a good deal.

A couple of things you should know before buying one:

- the FAN controller board for the front panel fans does not do PWM speed control. The fans just run at top speed. The connection to the Motherboard just allows control of the RGB, not the speed. I'm thinking of replacing the fans and controller board with one that has PWM connection to the motherboard.

- the blue power light is VERY bright. I put some electrical tape over it, and it is still quite bright.

- the manual is terrible. It lacks information about the fan controller board (e.g. it says nothing about hooking up the power to it, has no listing of compatible fans, has no description of how to remove the front panel if you want to replace the front fans). The diagram showing the hard drive mounting is cryptic, a simple illustration of how a drive is fastened to the plates would be helpful.

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