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This is the crap that state attorney general's love to sue big tech companies over for. The product does not meet or exceed consumer expectations or has advertised. I've seen it before with tech companies like Gateway and Monster Cable. Thermaltake has proven to fail on delivering a solid product. I wouldn't be surprised in the future if you get a court claim for a partial refund notification in your email. Once complaints boil over it will happen that I can assure you all. Once it happens the court system will get the entire list of customers whom purchased this PSU from an authorized retailer. The court system will send you a notification via electronic email or mailer. You will respond with proof of purchase and the rest is history. Try calling Thermaltake support it's a complete joke. You will get sent to voice mail. I've never seen anything like this company. When companies pull this crap. It just makes other companies like EVGA and Corsair look better. That's because they are better and so are there products and support. Go look on their forums and see how invested the forum community members are. This forum's active member community is nearly a ghost town compared to that of EVGA and Corsair. Who's to blame for that THERMALTAKE!

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