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DPS App causes my HD heads to bounce at 1Hz

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I love the Toughpower irgb plus 1050W Digital Power supply, it is so quiet.  But when I installed the TT DPS G app (V3.2.0) on my PC, the app is causing my WD Black hard drive's heads to hunt very loudly every 1 second.  It's driving me nuts.  As soon as I shut down the app from my taskbar, the hard drive stops hunting, so I know it's the app causing it. I don't need the app functionality, I just want to be able to control the fan's LEDs with my existing RIING Plus ecosystem.

Has anyone connected their Power Supply's USB connection to a RIING Plus, Duo or Trio controller?  The cable provided with the power supply only connects to a USB 2.0 header on the motherboard and doesn't have the proper pin configuration to attach to a RIING controller. All the website talks about is using their app, but I don't like what it's doing to my hard drives.  If it's "pinging" my SSDs at a 1 Hz rate like it is doing to my mechanical hard drive, how much wear and tear is that causing to their limited write cycle?  I just want to be able to connect the power supply's RGB light to the controller(s) running all my other RIING fan LEDs. 

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