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Tt eSPORTS - Mouse pad owners club

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Got a Tt eSPORTS mouse pad, well come here and show it off!


To get listed in the mouse pad owners club, please post the model name and picture proof & we'll list you as a member.


i.e.  PYRRHUS Team DK Edition 






1. Tte Jeff - PYRRHUS Team DK Edition

2. Tte Martin - White-Ra Special Tactics pad (signed by White-Ra, Grubby, HasuObs, Socke, Stephano, Mvp, NesTea and seleCT)

3. Tte Jeremy - PYRRHUS

4. DKmann101 - DRACONEM aluminum mouse pad

5. White-Ra - White-Ra Special Tactics pad

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I am still unable to find a Tt eSports Draconem aluminum mouse pad. Is it possible to purchase one directly from Thermaltake or Tt eSports? I'm really wanting to get one of these but disappointed I can't.



I would love to get my hands one of the Aluminum. Hopefully in the near future :)


Sorry about the wait, we'll look into it and provide an update. 

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Hey DKmann101 & TheEnos, so it seems the other e-tailers may not have put the product online yet.
It's online at the Thermaltake Online store for USA, but out of stock at the moment:  https://store.thermaltakeusa.com/inside03.php?k=8&a=1710
You can signup to be notified when there's stock at that page. 


Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I am in the UK and import Tax would almost double to cost of the Draconem. I may just pick up a Galeru for the time being as have got did get quite accustomed to my previous one but I don't like to mix brand with peripherals... Silly I know but I also know I'm not the only one that does this :D

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