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  2. Hello, Owners of Px Core, I'd like to know the dimensions in mm (height width lg) , of the U support where the PCIE Riser bracket is screwed. I'm planning a buy and I have some ''hacked'' waterblocks that ovrerlap 4mm over the pcie contacts (thus the mandatory use of a riser) Thanks in advance for your support
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  4. I bought a Lenovo laptop in the year 2019, June. It was working fine till yesterday. My Lenovo thinkpad stop charging even plugged in to the charger. i was using windows 10 operating system. After replacing the charger it starts working fine.
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  8. Finally starting to get some where now iv got all the parts to complete the build. After 4 hours of trying to sort out my cables this is how it looks. Iv also made a mounting plate for my top radiator to help make it fit better and also tried to make look like is floating
  9. When I try to download the Software for the IRIS mouse, it wont install and I am stuck with the current colour set and cannot change it!
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  12. Good afternoon, In my absence, my dear 1 year old son has poured in a moderate amount of water from the top of my Toughpower case and in her panic, my wife has turned on the case which -naturally- did not end well. According to my wife’s statement, my son poured the water toward the front area of the case which houses the DVD ROM, the hard disk and the top panel with the USB, power and reset switches. The graphics card, the power supply and the RAM are all toward the rear and there is a good chance that they didn’t get wet. However, when I turn on the computer, there is a very brief sad whine, the front fan and the fans of my graphics card spin for half a second and then stop. The computer doesn’t boot. I tried disconnecting everything one by one, including the DVD ROM, the top panel, the HDD, the USB cables, the SATA cable, the graphics card and the RAMs to no avail. The power supply and the motherboard light switches on when there is power but the computer just doesn’t want to start. Any advice will be greatly apreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  20. Which fans you have? And controller? But ANY FAN you can connect to motherboard. but need some skills. if you have https://c.dns-shop.ru/thumb/st1/fit/wm/800/650/b97e9e4836082d144ffbedabe4bcae52/63c333a9b0b01ce1b70e0f3d48ccd3409241a5bcc4c1fc35c64bdde2929e6368.jpg connector like this 2 rows 5 pins each. The coloured wires is for fan itself. You can use separate adapters like. Or make yourself. You can find which pin is which over internet. Usually black is ground other for PWM etc. Be carefull. and you can connect it to the motherboard to standart fan connector pin.
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  22. SOLUTION: By default the TT RGB Plus system made tem Riing Plus, when its supposed to be Riing Trio. Which you switch it it works!
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  24. Hi i just bought a 5-pack yesterday as i need 4 fans for my case and i just realised after combing through the net that the TT RGB software has a pre-set PWM fan curve and reads my CPU temp from Wininfo32.dll. The issue is i live in a 24/7 summer temps very humid climate country where mid-day temps average 32 deg celsius and so i need the flexibility to set my own fan curve for PWM. what i want to achieve is to have the case fans run at higher rpms when idling (like 800-1000rpm) instead of the 500-600rpm based on the TT software. i know i cannot do this through the PWM option in the software so the only way to do this is through the mobo fan curve. My question is, can i plug all the 4 Riing 12 PWM fans into a generic fan hub, which then connects to the PWM header on my motherboard, so that i can do the custom fan curve and have all 4 fans scale according to the customized curve? i dont mind foregoing the RGB control. i have an Asrock Z370m itx AC. Thanks!
  25. Now they are red on the back part of the fan. So at least it matches now, but still won't change no matter what I do.
  26. Hello everyone! I finally got everything setup with the controller and all fans are working and show up on the software, however, they do not change color completely on the back part of the fan and it stays a certain color, the ones connected to the first controller stay red, while the ones connected to the second controller stay blue, no matter which color I choose. It only gets rid of that color when using default rainbow RGB. Pictures attached. In both examples I was trying to make the color all green, and selected green only in the software (also tried with Razer synapse, no luck). But as you can see, the blue/red back LED does not change color.
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  28. Hi everyone. I just built my computer and noticed there is no way to hook up the internal fan controller that controls the front fans only runs at full speed. Is there anyway to connect this to the PWM slots on my MB? Thanks so much
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