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  2. Greetings, I am nearly finished acquiring the parts for my new build. I won't bore you with all the details, but get right to the point. I want to use the Barrow TTP90-SDB Waterway along with a 480mm radiator. I had already ordered the Thermaltake 64mm radiator, and didn't give a thought to possible differences in width of the various radiators out there. Well, I just received the waterway, and it is clear that the Tt radiator is too wide to be accommodated in the manner prescribed by Barrow. Looking at the Barrow schematics, and checking the width of the Barrow radiators (which, of course, are the radiators recommended by Barrow), I find that the two radiators are different in width by 2-3 mm... and this appears to be enough to cause a problem. I'm not going to send back the waterway (which I was amazed that I received in exactly 7 days -- Hong Kong -> Phoenix -- Wow!), so I need to explore alternatives. Unfortunately, Barrow doesn't produce (as far as I could find) a 480mm radiator (360mm is max), so that alternative is out. I could shift the Tt radiator over by 4-5mm, but that's going to involve some drilling in the Case and/or the waterway, which I am loathe to do. I could introduce some spacers (25mm-35mm tall?) between the waterway and the radiator. Even that might still be a problem, as I'm not sure that 16mm hard tubing will pass by the radiator even if I created space to accommodate the fittings. I need to get out my calipers and make some precise measurements on this possibility before I embrace it or rule it out. Anyway... Has anyone else done a build with the Core P90 + Barrow TTP90-SDB + 480mm radiator? Thanks, - s.west
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  4. Yes now you can install third party appstores with jailbreaking...for that just install GetAPK Market App Download
  5. This week I made the the custom motherboard tray with built in res, I used 10mm acrylic to do this. the start of the motherboard tray. Making the motherboard res. Test fit with the motherboard. Need to add the custom o-rings Wanted to see what the water manifold would look like with some water in. I will be down I64 this weekend so this is where I will stop for this week. You can see its starting to take shape. next post we should have the cables the covers and the tubes ran.
  6. This is an issue for me as well as the software works for a little while and then it freezes. In order to get it working again I have to close the software via task manager for it to start working again. However, the LEDs just freeze again after some time passes. I am hoping that Thermaltake has a solution for this soon as I would rather not have to buy different fans to get the look I want.
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  8. hello! my mouse IRIS RGB but software doesn't working. Please help me! (WIN 10 64-BIT)
  9. So what's your opinion about Cronos? Can you give a review please or I already missed it (sorry if I did) ? I tried to find some relevant info at different travel forums , but didn't find anything concrete.
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  11. hello! my mouse IRIS RGB but software doesn't working. Please help me! (WIN 10 64-BIT)
  12. I downloaded the software, but it won't. It turns on and off immediately, even though I have to run in all compatibility modes.
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  14. Hello everyone,, I just purchase this and new at this. Is there any issued with this: Thermaltake TT Premium Concentrate Dye Kit I see review on amazon it said the dye dry up and clogged up the Pacific M360 cooling system. Is there a better dye I can use that wont cuased this issued.
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  19. But it's not an oficial website. Telegram is free.
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  22. I'm sure that you can find the proper number on the oficial website.
  23. Where are you from? I mean, if you're a foreigner, it would be hard for you to find a job, unless you're a cute girl lookinf for a waitress job.
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  25. Round 2 has started today and the top 12 contenders are required to make a video on how their Level 20 GT mod will be like and hand it in before April 26th 2019! PLEASE USE THIS THREAD TO POST YOUR VIDEOS
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