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  1. Project : SNOW

    Welcome back, I have a little update for you all, I wanted to move the radiator to the bottom of the case where the PSU would be, I have not seen this on a core P3, I needed to make sure to would support the radiator, as I do want to mount this to the wall. I am using 19mm x 19mm aluminium to start the framing of the holder. Mark where I need to cut, The bits I need, Marked where the hole will go, Drill a 4 mm hold for the rivets, Test fit, The 360 radiator sat very nice in the space now needed to make the support, Now to make a new GPU bracket, but thought I would be easier to mod the one I have, I need this to be shorter. Before After, I am going to add some 19mm x 19mm aluminium to the outside of the bracket. Here is the end result, I just want to stress that this is not the finish product for the brackets, this will give me a feel on what it will look like. Hope you like the update.
  2. Project : SNOW

    Project : SNOW I am back with a new build for 2018, I want to start by saying a big thank you to Thermaltake for supporting this project. I am doing a Ryzen 1600 build paired with a MSI 1070 gaming x8 graphics card. I will be building in the core P3 from thermaltake, this will be fully watercooled. I have set myself a big challenge to think more outside the box for when it comes to where to place the reservoir and radiator. I have also set myself a challenge to make everything white so I will be doing a lot of painting and resleeving and a lot of cables. Here what I will be using, The thermaltake core p3 snow edition, Ryzen 1600, MSI Tomahawk Arctic B350 The thermaltake Pacific W4 Plus CPU water block, Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x8gb 3000Mhz could upgrade this two 32gb, Samsung 960 EVO m.2 250GB this will be used for OS, WD HDD 1TB, Thermaltake Toughpower SFX 600w PSU, MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X8, Thermaltake Pacific RL 360 Thermaltake Pacific P1 Black, Thermaltake Pacific RGB Hard Tube Fittings, Thermaltake C1000 Green and White, Some of the cable and connectors, I am using mdpc sleeving. Thanks for checking out the post if you have any question or suggestion, leave a post and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  3. Work Log - Project no name in X71 case Dual Loop

    Hi everyone, Sorry for the lack of updates, the build has been completed for a few weeks now. I thought I would share some photos of the build. The Fans I am using 4 x 140 Riing plus and 6x 120 Riing plus. I made a new front grill so I could show of the fans, This is how it looked on the case. Test fit of all the components and customs res Fans added to the rads. Here is the build completed . Hope you like the build.
  4. Thermaltake Wall Build

    Looks great buddy well done, I am looking at doing a Core P5 build for my son for Xmas he want a PC on the wall.
  5. Work Log - Project no name in X71 case Dual Loop

    Hey Guy's Had a busy day today. I have drilled all of the rivets out of the case and added all of the perplex. I have also got a few more parts for the build. I have started to mark out the holes and cut outs for the motherboard tray and I have added one of the reservoir. New Parts Started drilling the rivets. Missed one. Perplex in. Had to cut down the PCIE covers. Added the res. Wanted to see what it would look with a bit of tube in. Was hoping to have the temper glass this weekend but it broke while being toughen. I will be starting the basement and the sleeven the pumps on sunday.
  6. Work Log - Project no name in X71 case Dual Loop

    Hey guy's Just a quick update not had a lot of time to mod the case this week I have started to take a part the case about ready to take the size for the new motherboard tray. I am also still awaiting the tempered glass. I will upload the photos at the weekend.
  7. Project: Silver Shard. Thermaltake View 27 Mod

    Hey buddy nice to see a friendly face. Another great build buddy looking forward to your next.
  8. Hi Guy's I am new to this forum. I have started a new project (no name) in the x71 case. I am going to be modding the front of the case and adding temper glass. It will have a dual loop two pumps two Res and two 360 rads, I am looking at replacing the motherboard tray and add my own plus a few little surprise a long the way. Also going to we extending and sleeving all cables. Components. CPU: i7 4770K overclock to 4.6 RAM: Corsair vengeance Ram 16gb GPU: Zotec 980ti PSU: Corsair ax 860 WATERBLOCKS: EK 2x Pump: EK d5 2x RAD: EK 360 FANS: 7x 120 Riing 12 thermaltake RGB FANS: 3x 140 Riing 14 thermaltake RGB FITTINGS : Thermaltake pacific petg 16mm compression. FITTINGS : 3x EK pass through HARD TUBE: Thermaltake Petg 16mm Here are some early drawings X71 case Some of the components. Was not sure if I should use 2x 140 or 3x 120 fans still not sure what do you think? I like to draw out what I want to do and I took size for new motherboard tray. I did draw up some designs for new air intakes then got them laser cut. I had to cut some of the front case for them to fit. These are removable not sure if I am going to leave them clear or paint them. This weekend I am hoping to drill out the rivets and start the motherboard tray. Sleeve the pumps and front panel connectors. Thanks for check out my mod any question or feedback let me know below.