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  1. Psycrow, Connect all Tt Riing fans to the one controller. Then the fan controller to any of the fan headers on the mobo. The headers are used for power only. Set just one controller box for your pc, as you can connect 3 fans to each controller. Red light is high fan speed, blue light is low fan speed. No need for the software, it is only for the Tt Premium Riing Plus 12 and 14 RGB fans, and will not work with the standard TT Riing RGB fans. Riing
  2. It is true what sontecuco says, the software only works with Tt Premium Riing Plus 12's and 14's. The software will not work with other Tt Riing fans.
  3. Does anyone have specs for the length of a PCIE x16 Riser Cable for the View 31 ? I want to mount my GPU vertically.
  4. good idea, but i think im going to cut the front off at the start of the bend, or curve on the left side. Then im going to mill slots for air, just like is on the right side. Then im going to get a custom piece of tempered glass for the front.
  5. Yeah, im not a fan of Twitter, though i do have an account. I have the NZXT Kraken X52, but would change up to Tt's, I think Tt's software works better.
  6. A little disappointed in Thermaltakes View 31 face. I dont think i read anywhere that the face was acrylic. While its not terrible, it does lend itself to scratches pretty easily. I know some parts on some chassis models are interchangeable.... Is there a different face for the View 31 ? I would have preferred they used the same ventilation on both sides of the face, instead of the curved acrylic. Replaced the acrylic with glass would have been nice too. Making the smoked appearance a little lighter would have benefited the Riing plus 12's a little more. Also adding a micromesh filter inside the front face would have made it a top notch case, combined with other improvements i listed. Oh, and dont forget... this is a premium mid tower, probably should have included the riser cable as well. I guess while im on the subject of improving the View 31... probably should add a psu shroud to hide all those wires.
  7. I went with the non RGB View 31, ordered the Riing Plus 12's. Now i need to find an extra fan, as Tt is not selling them in singles... Stupid if you ask me. No one is going to buy a 3pk for 1 fan.
  8. Been a bit since i was logged in here. I got one ordered the same week i posted here. Pc is put together in my View31 now. Thanks !
  9. I saw a vid about CES17, Saw Tt's new AIO... I did not hear what it was to be called. I know it has an RGB pump/block, and it had Riing plus 120 RGB fans. What is this to be called, and when will it go on sale ? Thanks ! Slim
  10. I have been searching to buy this case, and i cannot find it for sale anywhere... anyone know where to purchase ? Thermaltake... why you dont use the Riing Plus RGB fans on this case?
  11. Seems Tt decided to got with the older Riing RGB 256 fans w/controller that goes inside the case. I actually bought 2 3pks of these, believing the 256 color control. it just cycles through gradually on a preset. I would think that this premium case would use the new Riing Plus RGB's.