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Found 47 results

  1. Hello, I have 2 Controllers with 4 Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 fans, 3 Thermaltake Riing Plus 14 fans and a Pacific plus d5 pump. I set the first controller and second controller with the DIP switches. On the first controller I have 5 RBG plus components installed and on the second one 3. Now when I start the RGB Plus programm, there is an error called: "H_0x0001". Now I've tried some fixes found on the internet, but nothing helped. So now to my question: What could the problem be?
  2. ThermalTake Currently incase customers didn't know, the Riing Plus software looks at the system temperatures for it's PWM feature of it's fans and it looks like it takes an average and uses that for it's PWM feature Therefore clearly they only intended them to be used for case fans rather than CPU cooling fans on Radiators or heatpipe blocks Annoyingly there the best fans on the market and consumers are not aware of this when making their purchase, for me personally i based it on the fans trait on high static pressure which are used for radiators. My case will never reach 50c inside the case, it's an open case for a start, my gpu and cpu are on water my computer room is 21c or less in the UK currently as it's winter Please ThermalTake Either change your software so we get the option of using the CPU temperature for your fans, or edit the HWiNFO32.dll to point at the CPU temp only. my cpu is sitting at 30ish c at idle but your software thinks the system is at 48c when i just turned the computer on and haven't done anything intensive. It's just annoying because the fans spin up when it gets to 50c without the cpu even having to work hard at all. I'm sure other customers will back me up and agree that case fans are usually set at a static rpm range, my setup uses 2 360 rads with 6 of these fans on them and they do get loud for no reason, i cant turn them down because i want my cpu and gpu to use PWM fans as their attached to the raditors Thanks a lot rant over here is the hardware monitor ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:System: GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 = 8.48798e-314---------------------- ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:CPU [#0]: Intel Core-4800 = 0---------------------- HWi32_GetVoltage:Core #0 VID = 1.30457 HWi32_GetClock:Core #0 Clock = 4800 HWi32_GetUsage:Core #0 Thread #0 Usage = 6.4 HWi32_GetVoltage:Core #1 VID = 0.662598 HWi32_GetClock:Core #1 Clock = 800 HWi32_GetUsage:Core #0 Thread #1 Usage = 0.4 HWi32_GetVoltage:Core #2 VID = 1.26111 HWi32_GetClock:Core #2 Clock = 4800 HWi32_GetUsage:Core #1 Thread #0 Usage = 0.8 HWi32_GetVoltage:Core #3 VID = 1.27209 HWi32_GetClock:Core #3 Clock = 4800 HWi32_GetVoltage:Core #4 VID = 1.27942 HWi32_GetClock:Core #4 Clock = 4800 HWi32_GetUsage:Core #2 Thread #0 Usage = 1.2 HWi32_GetVoltage:Core #5 VID = 1.22571 HWi32_GetClock:Core #5 Clock = 4800 HWi32_GetClock:Bus Clock = 100 HWi32_GetUsage:Core #3 Thread #0 Usage = 4.3 HWi32_GetClock:Ring Clock = 3700 HWi32_GetUsage:Core #4 Thread #0 Usage = 0.8 HWi32_GetUsage:Core #4 Thread #1 Usage = 0.8 HWi32_GetUsage:Core #5 Thread #0 Usage = 0.4 HWi32_GetUsage:Core #5 Thread #1 Usage = 0.4 HWi32_GetUsage:Max CPU/Thread Usage = 6.4 HWi32_GetUsage:Total CPU Usage = 1.29167 HWi32_GetUsage:On-Demand Clock Modulation = 100 ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:CPU [#0]: Intel Core-4800: DTS = 0---------------------- HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #0 = 32 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #1 = 35 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #2 = 32 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #3 = 32 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #4 = 33 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #5 = 32 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #0 Distance to TjMAX = 68 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #1 Distance to TjMAX = 65 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #2 Distance to TjMAX = 68 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #3 Distance to TjMAX = 68 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #4 Distance to TjMAX = 67 HWi32_GetTemperature:Core #5 Distance to TjMAX = 68 ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:CPU [#0]: Intel Core-4800 = 0---------------------- HWi32_GetPower:CPU Package Power = 10.3531 HWi32_GetPower:IA Cores Power = 6.8651 ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:Memory Timings = 0---------------------- ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:CPU [#0]: Intel Core-4800: Performance Limit Reasons = 0---------------------- ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (SiS 950/ITE IT8705F) = 0---------------------- HWi32_GetTemperature:Temperature 1 = 39 HWi32_GetVoltage:Vccp1 = 1.744 HWi32_GetFan:Chassis = 168750 HWi32_GetTemperature:Temperature 2 = 47 HWi32_GetVoltage:Vccp2 = 2.704 HWi32_GetTemperature:Temperature 3 = 24 HWi32_GetVoltage:+3.3V = 2.704 HWi32_GetVoltage:+5V = 4.54272 HWi32_GetVoltage:-12V = -5.63014 HWi32_GetVoltage:-5V = -2.712 HWi32_GetVoltage:5VSB = 3.81696 HWi32_GetVoltage:VBAT = 2.128 ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (ITE IT8733) = 0---------------------- HWi32_GetTemperature:Temperature 1 = 36 HWi32_GetVoltage:Vcore = 0.7194 HWi32_GetVoltage:Vccp2 = 0.6649 HWi32_GetTemperature:Temperature 3 = 34 HWi32_GetVoltage:+3.3V = 1.0355 HWi32_GetVoltage:AVCC3 = 3.379 HWi32_GetVoltage:+12V = 4.7088 HWi32_GetVoltage:VIN5 = 1.5151 HWi32_GetVoltage:3VSB = 3.3572 HWi32_GetVoltage:VBAT = 3.27 ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:S.M.A.R.T.: SanDisk SDSSDHII960G (155000402147) = 0---------------------- HWi32_GetTemperature:Drive Temperature = 30 HWi32_GetUsage:Drive Remaining Life = 100 ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:S.M.A.R.T.: WDC WD2002FAEX-007BA0 (WD-WMAY03613367) = 0---------------------- HWi32_GetTemperature:Drive Temperature = 34 ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:S.M.A.R.T.: Samsung SSD 960 PRO 512GB (S3EWNWAJ401017J) = 0---------------------- HWi32_GetTemperature:Drive Temperature = 43 HWi32_GetUsage:Drive Remaining Life = 99 ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:Drive: SanDisk SDSSDHII960G = 0---------------------- ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:Drive: WDC WD2002FAEX-007BA0 = 0---------------------- ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:Drive: Samsung SSD 960 PRO 512GB = 0---------------------- HWi32_GetUsage:Read Activity = 0.028 HWi32_GetUsage:Write Activity = 0.199 HWi32_GetUsage:Total Activity = 0.227 ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:GPU [#0]: NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X: = 0---------------------- HWi32_GetTemperature:GPU Temperature = 31 HWi32_GetVoltage:GPU Core Voltage = 1.043 HWi32_GetClock:GPU Clock = 810.316 HWi32_GetUsage:GPU Core Load = 1 HWi32_GetUsage:GPU Memory Controller Load = 1 HWi32_GetTemperature:GPU Temperature (HW) = 31 HWi32_GetClock:GPU Memory Clock = 1752.75 HWi32_GetClock:GPU Video Clock = 746.052 HWi32_GetUsage:GPU Memory Usage = 3.21684 HWi32_GetUsage:GPU D3D Usage = 0.210234 ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:Network: Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V = 8---------------------- ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:Network: Qualcomm/Atheros, Device ID: E0B1 = 0---------------------- ------------HWi32_GetSensorName:Windows Hardware Errors (WHEA) = 0----------------------
  3. I was drawn in by the shiny lights and bright colors. I should have known better. TT Floe Riing 240 does not work with Ryzen CPUs and TT will not tell anyone this until after you buy it. The software is a mess and there is no fix in sight. Whenever I try to use the software my PC fans rev up full blast and my PC shuts down. I talked with tech support about this and they know about the issue!@@####. I am returning my unit and suggest anyone with a Ryzen CPU do the same!
  4. Just put my Thermaltake View 71 RGB Edition case together, but replaced the stock Riing fans with the Riing Plus Premium fans. When I powered up my maching, I got a message "USB device over current status detected will shut down in 15 secons..." and couldn't get past that. When I disconnect the fan controller from the motherboard, everything starts up fine, the fans run, etc. Would this indicate a bad controller, or did I plug it into the wrong USB on the motherboard?
  5. Riing Plus 12 Error Code:H_0x0001

    Hey guys just today I got 5 of the Riiing Plus 12 Premium Edition Fans installed and all the fans work and run the default lightning and the software detects the fans and shows their temp etc but it also gives the Could Not Find Fan Controller, please check the Fan Controller is connected (Error Code:H_0x0001) message and I can not control the fans in any way with that up. My system specs are as follows. Windows 7 Pro 64bit Intel Core i7 3770K Corsair Vengeance Pro CMY32GX3M4A1600C9R 32GB (4x8GB) DDR3 ASRock Z77 PRO4-M Motherboard GTX960 4GB Would I need to request a controller replacement like I have read others have done or is there any way I can fix this? because like I said it all the fans work and are detected it's just I get that error in the software. I have downloaded the latest version of Riing Plus RGB Tt Premium Edition V1.1.4 Any help greatly appreciated. Edit - Ok I solved the above issue (turns out the USB was just loose but now I have another with sound mode. when ever i go to either of the 3 sound control options on any of the fans it gives me a message saying "the audio source output could not be received, Please check the audio source output whether is occupied" not sure how to solve this one any ideas?
  6. I have the riing plus RGB software installed in my pc, using it and running the intel-SA-00086-GUI (check the vulnerability of my i7) it say that my system is vunerable, when I close the riing RGB plus software and run the intel-SA-00086-GUI my system is ok. So the riing plus rgb software have problem?
  7. Hey TT-Community, Problem: The FloeRiingPlus Software reads the temp including the 27°C Offset of Threadripper -> fans spinning at higher RPMs -> higher noise Solution: 1. Uninstall your current Riing Plus RGB Software. 2a. Download the older Version of the Software (It's V1.0.0 = http://www.thermaltake.com/db/support/software/RiingPlusRGBTtPremiumEdition_Setup.rar ) and install it. 2b. Or just download the two .dll files I attached to this Post. Continue with step 5. (HWiNFO32.dll and HWiNFO64.dll) 3. After you installed V1.0.0 go into the install directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Tt\Riing Plus RGB Tt Premium Edition), then copy HWiNFO32.dll and HWiNFO64.dll onto your Desktop. 4. Now uninstall the Software again, and install the new one (currently V1.1.4 = http://www.thermaltake.com/db/support/software/Riing_Plus_RGB_Tt_Premium_Edition_Setup_1.1.4_x86.zip ) 5. After you installed the new version, close it, and go into install directory again (C:\Program Files (x86)\Tt\Riing Plus RGB Tt Premium Edition), and copy HWiNFO32.dll and HWiNFO64.dll into this folder. 6. Click replace and continue (if necessary) 7. Now it should work. @Thermaltake @Thermaltake Admin @ThermalMike Maybe you can look into this, I think it's just the wrong Version of HWiNFO. The new Version worked for me when I updated to it, but not when I clean install the software. HWiNFO32.dll HWiNFO64.dll
  8. Riing Plus Software

    The Riing Plus RGB Software, that is listed on the Fans page.. is downloading as a .RAR file Come onn TT !
  9. Riing Plus fan looks slow

    I have 2 sets of the Riing Plus fans and absolutely love them. Look amazing! However, one of my six fans looks slow. Under light I can see shadow of fans spinning whereas the others I cant' tell that there is blades spinning. (does that make sense?) The software says it is running at 80% speed, like all the others, but why does it look different? I'm wondering if I can replace one fan? I spent $35/fan and don't want to have a faulty one in the system. Any feedback would help. btw, they are spinning at ~1250rpm so I can't take a photo to show you. But with human eye I can see the shadow of blades and it drives me nuts.
  10. Hello, I had considered buying a Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition and I was just wondering if it's possible to set up a push/pull fan configuration for it? That's kind of all there is to my question. I had considered buying an extra Riing Plus 12 LED RGB Radiator fan TT Premium Edition 3-pack for it. But I'm a little unsure. Someone recommended I do a push/pull config for my case, but with three fans on one side and three fans on the other, well, that's a lot of fans. And possibly two fan controllers to keep tack of, if I'm not mistaken? I'm having second thoughts and wondering if this is a good idea? The case I'm trying to fit it all in is an NZXT H440. I was told the case gets a bit hot on the inside but I wanna stick with it because it looks good and has all the functions I want. EDIT: Unrelated question, but does this AIO cooler come with thermal paste or do I need to buy it separately?
  11. So i'm still on my quest of finding a way to sync every possible RGB LED in my case (ASUS GPU, RGB Fittings, reservoir lights, Riing fans) with one software (i know, rather impossible quest because apparently proprietary control is the "best" thing there is...) I considered trying Asus Aura, but it only works with simple RGB headers on thier own hardware. When i kept looking, i stumbled upon Gigabytes RGB Fusion which lists the new Thermaltake Riing plus premium fans as compatible? https://www.gigabyte.com/mb/rgb/ready Other than that i can't find any proof of this working... Has anyone ever tried that? I don't own Riing Plus Premium fans right now so i can't test it, but can anyone else confirm if this is working?
  12. Hey guys, I recently put together my Ryzen Threadripper build and i'm using the Gigabyte X399 Gaming 7 motherboard has stated in the title however, I can't get the software to launch on this platform. It's installed properly but when I go to launch it nothing happens. I've tried to run it without the fan hubs connected but it still won't work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated or maybe its something that TT need to fix in the software....
  13. Riing 120 RGB fan control

    The View 28 RGB Riing edition came with one Riing RGB fan and a controller at the back that runs at constant 12V through molex, but is there a way to run the fan at a lower rpm and keeping the RGB? I saw some packs came with a controller but I can't find any seperate controllers to buy. I'm trying to just lower the rpm as the fan is just a bit too loud. I can't attach them to PWM headers on the motherboard as the fan uses a 5-pin instead of a 3 or 4-pin.
  14. I have been looking at the Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 280, but at http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model_Specification.aspx?id=C_00003121 it says the radiator dimension is 280 x 120 x 27 mm. That sound a little weird, shouldn't it be 280 x 140 x 27 mm?? Read somewhere it got 14 mm fans, so is it an error or ??
  15. View 28 Riing fan too loud

    I just installed a system in the View 28 Riing edition and it's absolutely stunning. The only downside is that the Riing fan on the back is too loud. I hooked it up to the controller on the back that syncs the front RGB to the fan RGB. The fan has a 5-pin so I can't connect it to a motherboard header while having my LED's set to my choice. Is there a way to make the fan spin slower?
  16. ASRock Z97 Extreme 4 / i7-4790k / GTX970 / 16GB DDR1866 / USB2.0 header on motherboard Windows 10 x64 version 1607 / Riing RGB Tt Premium Edition V2.1.5 / F1.0.0 I can't get the v2.1.5 software for Riing Premium fans to load the brightness on boot or loading a profile. The sliders in the software work just fine and the actual file in my user Roaming/AppData/Tt/RGBRiing/Riing/ directory shows the application stored the set value (ex. 0.49) but it treats anything less than 1 as off... so they store it as a float, but load it as an integer? Even 0.99 = 0. It loads the color and fan modes just fine, but when I boot my PC, or click the SAVE button, or click my saved profile, I have to go move the slider hard right (off, 0) back to where I want it. Sigh... anyone have any ideas am I missing something? Also, the software looses all communication with the controllers upon waking from a suspend/sleep/hibernate state requiring a termination and restart to regain PWM control of the fan speed and the color settings of the fan LEDs. The fans are stuck at minimum speed in this condition and could cause an overheating issue if not noticed.
  17. Moved...

    Moved to Case Fans...
  18. I would like to suggest a new function for the RIING PLUS RGB program. Why not create a custom area for the THERMAL function? I would like the THERMAL function to be customizable (animations, temperature limits, colors and brightness). or That each LEDS animation function could use the THERMAL function
  19. Riing Software situation is a joke

    Multiple versions, plus, premium, premium plus... all on different websites and microsites. No access to previous versions available. The naming is confusing. Dependencies are not properly installed with the application - such as the uicomm.dll error, which I think is fixed by installing the C++ runtime library. Why not just have ONE application Thermaltake? Its not hard. Why not just have one that WORKS too? That might be a start - dont tell me its hard, guess what I do for a living. This is -####- hour here... you need to fix this. Its been what, over a year now? I am annoyed that I bought these fans. I am annoyed that they now sit there at slow speed idling away not responding to PWM and being ineffective. I am getting the feeling though that this is a classic thermaltake "ignore it and it will go away" situation. But if that is the case, this will be the very last time I touch your products.
  20. I'm planning to build a gaming PC with fully synced RGB lighting and I'm capable of assembling a custom fan controller which I'll use to control TT Riing fans' color programmatically. The only question is, what will I violate (if I do) by doing so? I mean, is the protocol actually proprietary and I'm not allowed to reverse engineer it and build custom controllers, or is it simply 'not-open-source'?
  21. Riing TT vs Plus LED Diffusion

    I was wondering which of the Riing fans, TT Premium or the Plus has the better led diffusion. I have the Premiums and while they only have 2 leds per fan the diffusion creates a relatively smooth diffused look around the ring whereas every video I've seen of the Plus the led's seem very visible and defined, very dotty. I much prefer a smooth look in my build. Is that just an effect of video recording or is the Plus worse than the Premium at creating a smooth look. Cheers.
  22. Salutations, I have just completed a computer build and I am having a few issues that I assume to be PSU issues. I got a Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W power supply. I got the TT DPS G PC app, and when I launch it, it says "NO Device Detected." I'm not sure why, but because of that, I cannot monitor my PSU or access the features. Is there any solution to this? Additionally, my computer will often restart out of the blue when doing things that it should have no issue doing, like playing a game or surfing the internet. I assume this to be a PSU issue as well. All of my drivers are up to date, and overheating is not an issue, because I consistently monitor temps. I have a GTX 1080 that has 3 fans on it and stays very cool. I also have an I7 6800k that is liquid cooled. I used the TT Pacific RL 360 liquid cooling kit, which brings me to my next issue. The RGB Riing fans are not recognized by the "Riing RGB Radiator Fan" application. It does not show a warning, it displays the temperature but does not let me change the color or any other aspects. It is version 1.0.2, please help. I have the fans plugged into the included fan controller which is plugged directly into the "Pump Fan" header on my MSI x99a gaming pro. I have tried all of the headers including "CPU fan" and "System fan." The fans spin fine no matter what I plug it into, but the program never works. Please help me with my issues. Thank you for your help, Jujuberr
  23. 3 Riing Plus 14 RGB fans... with one 12

    So I built a case and installed three Thermaltake Riing Plus 14 RGB fans (16.8m colors and 140mm). I found that the back of my NZXT S340 case does not support a 140mm fan, but only a 120mm fan. I'd like to add another 120mm fan to the case and add it to the Riing Plus RGB software to control it as with the other 3... but I can't seem to confidently identify which 120mm fan would match the existing Riing Plus RGB 14 setup. I did buy a single Riing 12, but it seems to be a different beast altogether... only 256 colors (as opposed to 16.8m) and can't be directly connected to the already installed Riing Plus RGB 14 controller... nor can the controller that came with the Riing 12 be daisy-chained to it. Which 120mm fan would be compatible with this Riing Plus RGB 14 setup/controller? And where can I buy it, as Amazon doesn't seem to sell just one (only a 3 and 5 pack)... ? Oddly, Newegg seems to have one, but is $104... as opposed to a three pack which is only $98. ####? Thanks, Dave
  24. Hello, As a title I would like the software to open in the background (only on the taskbar) when start windows. This software is needed to manage the fans speed but I find invasive the window at every boot. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks.
  25. Riing v1.07 fixed my issues

    I have 2 packs of the Riing Plus. And the software has fixed issues magically. Had them a week and was disappointed as only one pack showed up in software. Before : 1 pack was always Rainbow, and other pack I could adjust color and speed. Now : Both packs appear in the Riing software and I can control them as I like. Thanks for the fix Thermaltake. I'm posting this to let others know they might have problems fixed if they update the software. Now if there is some way to chain them such that all run at exact same color and speed.