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Voting Event (January 20th ~ February 3rd 2017)

Voting Event   2,069 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you vote for?

    • [China] Yu Han
    • [Russia] Anton Popovich
    • [Thailand] Siwasak Sirisomboon
    • [Germany] Stefan Ulrich
    • [France] Bertrand Cucmag
    • [Australia] Stephen Hoad
    • [India] Rakesh Sharma
    • [USA] Jon Hansz
    • [Poland] Michal Lamtych
    • [Brazil] Maciel Barreto
    • [Equator] Simon Zambrano
    • [Malaysia] Irie Ahmad

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I've voted for Stefan Ulrich (Germany) that Dalek Mod looks absolutely amazing, But Good Luck to all Modders. They all look awesome.

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wow, i just went through asll the builds and am amazed. the bar has been set very high this year again. i wish all the best to everyone. may the best mod win.

i have cast my vote, which was very hard seeing as the quality level and amount of work as well as the creativity level has really been pushed up high this time.

the public vote ios nice to have but does not really always do justice seeing as everyone more or less votes for theri friemd or country.

so once again i am curious who makes the top 3 by jury votes and the other votes at the end.

good luck to all and thanks for entertaining us.


Ali Abbas.

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