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  1. I'm loving the mouse pad. It doesn't get dirty like other soft pads, just wipe it off with a wet cloth. The only idea I have is making the corners and bungee not slide off so easily. As you read, I put a small dab of adhesive in each one and now they don't move a bit. I can slide the pad anywhere on my desk that I want and everything is snug as a bug. Also I wrapped the bungee with a little velcro, that I purchased for cable management, so that I don't pull the cord out of it. I'm currently waiting on a new gaming mouse to arrive. I picked up a Black Combat White from your clearance sale. It should arrive by Wednesday the 8th. Will add a few more pics after that arrives.
  2. Looks to be an awesome mod you got there AlShuryan. Keep us posted.
  3. Thanks Spartan, took awhile to get it together but I'm happy with the outcome.
  4. Alright everyone here is the finished desk project I teased you all with earlier. I switch between 3 separate screens and AMD Eyefinity because the wife doesn't like the Eyefinity set up, she says she can't multitask like she used to. To each their own. Enjoy!
  5. Sweet, thanks for he update. Looking forward to getting 3 of them in red.
  6. Solved my issue with the mouse pad bungee and rubber pads. Just a little liquid nails in there and their are snug as a bug.
  7. When will we see the Luna 20'#### the store? I'm really wanting to get a few of these to put in my Core V71 chassis.
  8. Dual expansion slots capable of 255mm inner chassis and 285mm outer chassis.
  9. Yes, give the option to choose either red or blue lights. I'm changing to a red build and that one blue light kind of sticks out.
  10. My only issue with this mouse pad is the four little rubber feet and the mouse bungee, they seem to like to fall off if you move it too much. I think a little super glue might fix that though.
  11. Just a little something to tease you all with. I just set up AMD Eyefinity across 3 24" Acer monitors, it's quite stunning to say the least. Now I just need to finish my desk build this weekend to show it in all of it's glory.
  12. Picked up 3 more Luna 12's and a NZXT 10 port fan hub for cable management. I love these fans.
  13. I purchased this cooler for my mother as a gift and she absolutely loves it. She was complaining of her legs getting warm after it being on her lap for awhile, well no more. I used it the other night for about an hour and was really impressed. It's a very simple yet elegant design with 2 quiet fans moving the heat away from the source. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a simple laptop cooler for home or business work. Good job Thermaltake.
  14. Nice!! Love that helmet.
  15. Nice build Spartan, can we get some specs.
  16. There are no 5.25 drive bays in the Core V1. We don't need any optical drives silly. If you need one buy an external.
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