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  1. What do they call that psychological condition where you keep going back to those that hurt you? So after going through all kinds of troubles with "Premium" RGB Riing radiator fans... why, oh why, did I buy a Core P3 without looking for issues first??? I hate that I love the *look* your products. Bought a Core P3 at the end of December and within only two weeks my video is black screening randomly... even from idle desktop only minutes after boot... sigh. So... better than the ones that failed immediately? I guess... Glad my card is air cooled. ThermalTake, why do you have to make such compelling products with such poor production quality!? This thread is going to be 3 years old in a couple of weeks. If nothing else, at least have a little shame about the money you have cost people trying to troubleshoot and ended up replacing good working parts.
  2. Seems like it... it's been a year since I bought my Riing RGB Premium fans (not Plus) and they still haven't made any updates to fix issues with that software.
  3. Thermaltake - Get used to it.™ Mike asked me to PM him about my issues back in August and never responded.
  4. Riing Plus Premium has 16 programmable LEDs... the standard RGB Riing and Riing Premium fans have 2 RGB LEDs that are set simultaneously... There is no way possible to 'upgrade' from 2 LEDs to 16 LEDs without buying new fans. ( Not even the Riing and Riing Premium fans are compatible with each others controllers )
  5. I am currently doing this without issue... well, without any more issue than is typical with the software. There's no way for the controller to know if it's 120mm or 140mm. They just run at different speeds, LEDs function the same.
  6. Thanks for requesting and ignoring my PM @ThermalMike I'm guessing I'm outside the RMA window now, eh?
  7. The Riing Premium RGB is what I was referring to... the 'standard' Riing RGB fans, while also 5-pin, are not compatible with the Riing Premium RGB fan controllers. I missed that the original post was for the non-Premium Riing RGB. Basically Thermaltake has made no effort to make anything inter-operable between their own product line or anyone else's.
  8. The standard Riing RGB controller has a 4 pin header for a PWM motherboard connector, the Riing Premium and Riing Plus Premium use a software controlled PWM function in the associated PC software based of a non-editable temp/duty cycle table that uses a hwinfo32.dll to get CPU temp... which makes the fans surge a lot... Remember that none of these fans are inter-operable, so if you motherboard PWM control, you have to buy the Plus or Premium fans to get the right controller, but then you loose PC control of color and effects.
  9. The non-Plus RGB fans have a one pin data line from the hub to the fan's built in LED controller... so you'd either have to figure out the data on that pin or connect the fan's 4 wires to each LED R-G-B-(Gr) to another controller... not plug&play in any way. Oh, the 5 pin header is Data, Ground, +12V, PWM and RPM Sense... I can't remember the order off the top of my head.
  10. They don't open that configuration to the end user. Thermaltake knows best.
  11. Nope, you spend more money and buy the Riing Premium RGB, which is software controlled, and no the RGB fans you have cannot be used with the Premium controller or vice versa... But don't get confused with the Riing PLUS Premium RGB, that's a third type of controller and separate software from the Riing Premium RGB. Or you go the DIY route and wire the LEDs directly to another LED controller...
  12. Downgrading your sound? Are you actually mastering things at 24 bit to playback or are you under the assumption that somehow interpolating sound from 16 bit sources (most) to 24 bit somehow upgrades your sound? I'm just as fed up with Thermaltake as the next guy, but unless your whole audio system is running 24 bit, including the source audio, then setting the Windows control panel default setting to 24 bit is gaining you nothing. ####... Dolby's audio enhancement thing for laptops only works with 16 bit sound and that's Dolby...
  13. I believe there is a sensitivity slider in the Riing software for the sound mode... try adjusting that? Or set your default sound output in Windows to 16bit/44kHz (CD Quality)?
  14. ThermalMike, Will you be fixing the issues with Riing Premium as well or just Riing Plus Premium? Thanks
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