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  1. If the ones that came with the case have the 9 pin cable on them you should be able to just plug them into the controller of either of the other two products you mentioned (Riing plus 14RGB and Floe RIing LED RGB 360).
  2. Looks like some great progress. Let me know if you want a test user and some feedback.
  3. Their support is terrible. I initially tried via phone, left a couple of voicemails, and email to contact them several times on a question I was having. I eventually posted on here and then PM'd Thermalmike, as I saw he was the main contact, and got my issue resolved. A month later I got a call back from Thermaltake. Compared to others, everything easily worked on my system, so I'm sticking with them for now. I think you definitely should have returned the product before your return window was past. I hope you eventually get some support.
  4. I believe you need to have the software running at all times. You can close out of the window, but it needs to still be going in the system tray. If I exit it from the system tray, my fans go to a default mode. That's why I was asking if you meant closing as in the system tray or just the window. If it reverts when closing the window but letting the software run in the system tray, then that's definitely a problem.
  5. You aren't actually closing out of the software from the system tray, are you? You just mean you're closing the software window, right?
  6. After you uninstall the software, see if the Tt folder in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming is still there. If so, that may be what you need to delete to wipe out any prior settings.
  7. I actually double checked the product page before I posted that second reply, just to ensure I wasn't mistaken. The controller you see there is not the TT sync controller. The TT sync controller is specifically designed to connect to a motherboard RGB header. The one you have connects to a USB 2.0 motherboard header. Did you even look at the link I posted? That controller is 9 ports and comes with the ports and wires to connect to a motherboard RGB header. I don't work for Thermaltake. I'm just a customer like you. I don't understand why you're being so rash.
  8. Are you launching it via a shortcut? If so, check if the executable is being removed from the install location. This happened to me because my antivirus was picking it up as dangerous and deleting it after every initial launch.
  9. I did read the thread title. All their stuff comes with a controller, but the TT sync controller (as far as I'm aware) isn't included with any of their other products; only as a separate product. It's a 9 fan controller. What you're describing doesn't sound like it. Maybe you should have taken a second to look up the product I was describing, instead of being so rude about it. Here's the link to it. http://ttpremium.com/product/tt-sync-controller-tt-premium-edition/ In the future, maybe you shouldn't be rude to the people trying to help you, as they are rather scarce in this forum.
  10. You need to purchase the TT Sync controller to be able to use such products with motherboard software.
  11. That seems like quite the strange bug. I'm guessing the reason it would even matter is due to the sound lighting setting, but they should have verified it works with all sorts of different output configurations.
  12. @ThermalMike should be able to get you some support.
  13. Did you investigate in your antivirus at all? If not, I really suggest you do. Have you tried my suggestion from my initial reply to garagified?
  14. Sounds like your antivirus is removing it. I am running Trend Micro and it used to constantly delete it and mark it as a threat. I had to add the install folder for the TT software to my exception list, and I believe I also had to go in and manually go into my antivirus and mark the software as safe, after another install. Try this and see if it works.
  15. Interesting concept, making your own software. I'm a programmer myself and have thought about looking into trying to either add on to the current software or make my own. But I honestly don't have the free time for it. I'll be interested to see what you come up with.
  16. The only other official way to control any of the software controlled fans is the TT Sync controller. This allows one to use motherboard software, such as Asus Aura, to run the fans.
  17. The TT Sync controller is a separate item on their store. I'm not aware of any fans that include it. There's a few editions of that case, so I'm unsure which fans you got. Maybe @ThermalMike can be of better assistance.
  18. You must have quoted that before I had a chance to update my post. The controller has ports for their 9-pin USB 2.0 style headers which their Riing Plus, Pure Plus, Lumi Plus, and Riing Trio products use. If you have the older style of fans, I don't believe they will work.
  19. Are they the Riing Plus fans? If so, you will need to purchase Thermaltake's TT Sync Controller, if you want to use Asus Aura to control the fans. I believe any of their fans and LED strips that have the 9-pin USB 2.0 style header can be used on the sync controller. If you are talking about the regular RGB Riing fans I don't think you will be able to control them with anything but the controller they came with.
  20. I'm going to assume you only have one controller, and it's saying error on controller 16 because the dip switches are set that way. I would refer to the manual and make sure you set the controller as the first one, per the dip switch positions. Looks like you have four fans hooked up to the controller and not a fifth fan or LED strip. I believe you are seeing the error message because by default, the controllers assume a device is hooked up to each port. You should go into the Thermaltake RGB software and find the device that corresponds to your empty port on the controller and unassign it.
  21. Well, most anything is possible with programming. The real question is if they made it dynamic enough to easily turn it into a slider, or if they hard coded each speed.
  22. I agree that I preferred the faster version of it on the previous version of the software. @ThermalMike, I think the best solution would be for them to allow us a speed selection for this mode (and for essentially any mode aside from the ones where it wouldn't make sense; static, sound control 1-3, thermal).
  23. I do not think there is a way to sync the regular Riing fans with motherboard software. Thermaltake sells a TT Sync controller for their Riing plus fans that allows you to accomplish this, though.
  24. So I understand that if I leave controller 2 on profile one, and then go to controller 1 and make my effects settings and hit save, it is supposed to make controller 2 match. This works. Is there a way to make controllers always follow whatever is going on on controller 1? For instance, if I have a second profile on controller 1 with my fans where I set them to PWM and temperature color effect, I would like controller 2 (with my lumi plus LED strips) to switch to temperature color effect as well. Also, I noticed this with the initial 1.2 version; what is the RGB button that is to the right of the menu to cycle through controllers?
  25. I saw and heard these mentioned in Computex 2018 videos of Thermaltake's setup. What's the estimated release time of these? Is there an estimated price point?
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