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  1. The rgb runs off 5v and the fans run off 12v. Now are all the fans not spinning or just one?
  2. Yah its not over done and not to thin. Didn't have a noticeable temp change when I went to arctic Used it on my 7800x for about a month before I had to rma my motherboard. As for the cooler itself been going strong for over a year now
  3. By the sound of that I would rma it. If you want no down time I think they have a advanced rma that will send you the replacement first. They will put a hold on a card for the amount. Once you send your old one back the hold will be released. what region do you live in I don't know much about the rma process in other regions but in NA the best link is https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003056047-Warranty-Claim-RMA-Request
  4. It is a pre-applied pad. It did well my in testing and I have seen much worse. I had to rma my motherboard so ended up using some arctic cleaner and arctic silver 5 on it
  5. That is correct the riing system runs of 5v. I will do some testing but I believe you can mod this pull the 5v and ground from your psu and just pull data from the rgb header. I will test it this soon and let you know. I would not attempt this unless you know what you are doing. If it works I will post pics on how to do it.
  6. Responses are normally fast what region are you in?
  7. Double check the controllers you would be getting a duplicate number error if they were left factory default on both controllers. Not a controller number 16 warning. I think you have your setup like this
  8. the program needs to be running. you can make it so it does not open on desktop and just stays on your taskbar tray buy doing the following right click the TT rgb icon on the taskbar tray you will see a option that says "Run TT RGB Plus Program when Windows starts" It has a box next to it click it. If the box is solid like below it will open on your desktop at startup If the box is hollow like below it will start on the taskbar tray.
  9. can you post pic of how you have your switches on your controllers.
  10. The pump is controlled by your motherboard via the cpu header. Your motherboard should have some software that allows to control the cpu fan header or you can do it in most cases via bios. The noise may be because the header is not set to see it as a pump so might be doing some strange rpm changes thinking its a fan. Sounds like you have one of your controllers set to be identified as controller number 16. Check the switches on your controller and see if they are inline with this. As for the error in most cases it because of a unused port on the controller that has yet to be
  11. yes leave the app open. The fans are actively controlled.
  12. All good, The switches are on the back of the controllers that the fans connect to. Just make sure you have the system off when switching or reboot after doing it as Mike stated. in your case is sounds like you have 2 controllers so it should look like this
  13. How many controllers are you using? Make sure the switches on the controllers are set correctly
  14. Let me know how it goes and pay close attention to the setup of the pins any sort of mix up will be bad even for a split second
  15. can you take a screenshot of the software and a pic of how its hooked up just to confirm the software you have installed is V 1.2.4 https://www.thermaltake.com/db/support/software/TT_RGB_Plus_Setup_1.2.4_x86.zip
  16. I think your main issue is the OS. I was thinking that could be a issue at the start when I saw the updateuser folders, but I had hopes otherwise. Inline OS upgrades always turn into issues down the road.
  17. On startup if you press ctrl+shift+esc that will open up task manager. can you see if the tt rgb plus is on the list if it is right click it then end task. Then try starting the software and let me know if the same issue happens or if the software opens. Also try right clicking on the taskbar icon and click launch sometime it does not like opening by just clicking it.
  18. So it goes back to not being able to open the software? And the only way it opens is re-deleting the tt folder or does it still open but does not do anything?
  19. OO i like. Yes that would do the job. That must be newish as I have not seen that yet I might have to get me one of those
  20. O you have 3. yah then turning off the other 2 was the correct thing to do. Glad to hear it all working again.
  21. They have already got it working now I believe its just a matter of finishing the config in software so it stops looking for items on the empty ports.
  22. That warning in your case looks like it is because it is looking for fans on the other ports. My software looks different as I have riing plus and not trio's but the concept is the same. Click that Green circle line thing on the slots that don't have items connected to. being that I think you said you only have one fan you need to disable the other 4 ports by clicking so it turns red. As for the tt folder it contains your saved profiles so if you keep deleting that you will have to keep redoing all your colors and settings.
  23. The sound activated modes are a bit finicky. On my setup I find that it wants volume up quite a bit for to work somewhat correctly. What type of sound setup do you have?
  24. What mode do you have them on and what are your system specs? And can you post a screenshot of the software
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