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  1. Hi Can I kindly ask what model did you use? Thanks
  2. Hi, Unfortunately, we don't sell cable individually, Sorry for your inconvenience.
  3. Hi, Could you sent your request for us by email , please! Thank you irischen@thermaltake .com
  4. Hi Carlos You can also get a cable extension kit to solve your problem.
  5. Hi Unholyanimal As you may already know there are many new motherboard needs more than just one ATX 12v connector (4x4pin) Therefore, recently we actually upgrade this series by providing 2x ATX 12v connectors.
  6. Hi! Could you please send your contact email to us? We will reach you in person. Thanks
  7. Hi Rizwan, Can I kindly ask you, how did you check the voltage? Can you show us pics? Thanks
  8. TT0987

    DPS G App

    Hi Rubix Sounds like you want more control over fan RPM here. However, due to safety reason, we can't let users take control over PSU hardware protections, such as OCP, OTP, and etc... Therefore, set RPM at 500 as you mentioned is not possible.
  9. Hi, Thank you for your questions and sorry for the misunderstanding. The pictures as you saw just we want to express the effect of circle mode, but it doesn't mean multicolor. Hope that's helpful for you. Thank you
  10. Hi, Sorry for your inconvenience. We just want to make sure did you turn the smart zero fan mode on? If YES, please turn it off and try it again, because the fan won't work under 40% load. If NO, please return it to Best Buy. Thank you
  11. Hi The OEM is HKC. Thank you
  12. Hi Toughpower IRGB 750W and Toughpower GF1 ARGB 750W those two are only allowed to use the motherboards that have a 5V RGB header. Either change motherboard to have a 5V RGB header or choose Toughpower Grand RGB 750W Gold (RGB sync edition), which has a 12V RGB header. Check the links down below: https://www.thermaltake.com/thermaltake-toughpower-grand-rgb-750w-gold-rgb-sync-edition.html
  13. Hi, Due to we don't sell 24 pin cable individually, so we can send it to you for your convenience. Please send your request and personal detail to iris.chen@thermaltake.com We will reach you in private. Thank you
  14. Hi, Sorry, we don't sell Sata cable individually, but we can send it to you from HQ. Please send your request and information detail to iris.chen@thermaltake.com. We will contact with you in private. Thank you
  15. Hi, Is ok help us to check the cable? The cable for CPU should be 4+4 pin. That's what we usually do for CPU cable. We also check at the same time with stock, please help us with checking as well. Thank you
  16. Hi Sorry to hear that, please accept our sincere apologies. Is ok to leave your email for us? We will contact you personally to make sure nothing miss. Thanks
  17. Dear Atomic Pucnk I am very sorry about what happened. This is Joshua, I am the power PM here at the Thermaltake. I will try to talk with our customer services department and help with your need from here Thank you
  18. Hi We would love to help you! Unfortunately, we don't sell cable separately, but there is small chance to contact with customer service cs3@thermaltake.com.tw Also please fill the model name and your request as posible as you can! Thanks
  19. Hi ! Could you please contact with our customer service via Email cs3@thermaltake.com.tw Thank you
  20. Hi, We are sorry to hear that. Please accept our sincerely apologize for your experience, we will take this issue seriously to do the survey. If we get any report from our customer service team, we will let you know ASAP. Once again, sorry for your inconvenience. Tnanks
  21. Hi! We are very sorry to tell you that we don't sell 8+8 pin CPU cable individually. Also, can I kindly to ask you which PSU model u use? There's small chance to find it out in our Lab. Thanks
  22. Hi ! Please check below for reference https://www.ttpremium.com/product/1241/
  23. Hi! Sorry for your inconvenience. There are different teams between the customer service team and forum team, so that's why we need to ask you to send the RMA request to our customer team. For processing your request, please be patient for waiting. Thanks.
  24. Hi, We are very sorry that things happen, please contact our customer service to get help. cs3@thermaltake.com.tw Thanks
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