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    FALCO got a reaction from Abdenise in Event Predictions (July 30th ~ August 17th)   
    There is not so much to judge by. I would say Pakawat.
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    FALCO reacted to ZenModz in [Australia] Ken Byrnes   
    Thanks FALCO.  
    Just to clear up some things that have been asked in regards to high temps or overheating , The cover may look like it is touching all the parts in the case. 
    but it can be removed in under 10mins.
    The Rock face is not touching anything inside the case the 4 stand-offs and the water cooling fitting is all it needs to stay in place,
    There is lots of space behind the Rock display + some fans to push the air around behind the cover. And one being the AMD CPU fan that come with the CPU. Not going to wast.   
    You could say it's  AMD DINO COOLED  
    Some times It's what you don't see that makes it all work.  




    Thanks for stopping by. 
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    FALCO got a reaction from Abdenise in Prediction Voting Event (September 20th ~ October 18th)   
    Yuri Gabrielli.
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    FALCO got a reaction from Rob "Deblow" Deluce in Prediction Voting Event   
    Rob De Luce
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    FALCO got a reaction from Rakesh Sharma in [India] Rakesh Sharma   
    I like it for its originality.
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    FALCO reacted to Tt Andy in 2016 CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 [Nomination Event]   
    Nomination Event Winners have been announced!!
    Congratulations to the winners!
    Core P5 Chassis: Allenvi
    Tough Power RGB Gold 850W PSU: FALCO
    Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360 AIO Cooler: jvmodel
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    FALCO reacted in [Closed] [WEEK 8] Tt eSPORTS THERON PLUS+ Weekly Giveaway 6/26 (Fri) ~ 7/2 (Thurs)   
    Congratulations to our WEEK 8 LUCKY FOUR who just got themselves the new THERON PLUS Smart Mouse!
    Here are the 4 lucky Tt FORUM's usernames:
    The 4 lucky ones will be contacted via personal message on our Tt FORUM!
    Please inform and congratulate to the lucky ones if you are their friends!
    NOTE: Lucky ones need to reply the Private Message in 7 days! Or else we will pick another person!
    WEEK 9 will be starting soon!
    Join now and you might be the next lucky four!

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