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[Australia] Ken Byrnes

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Hello, This will be the Theme I am going to be going with.  I will be using lots of different techniques in this build.  Tools used will be, AI, PS, Laser, Cnc,, Hand Sculpting. 3d printer. Airbrushing. and the good old paint brushes. Pulling out all the stops on this one. Should be fun. :P




No hacksaw-ing  the tubing this time. :) This kit  should make this much easier to work with.  Thank you TT.


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TT Riing Trio have arrived. :)



They look better facing out but don't take advantage of the dust filter on the back of the case so the other way around it is.


PSU fitted.



MOBO fitted.



More soon. :)




I would love to have had the fan facing out like this below, But this method wont work with the dust filter on the back of the case. 


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Some hand crafting for this part.  I'm not big in talking , so  I hope the new photos say it all. :)



I have not really ever done much clay work before this. But you would not think so looking at the what the end result.

Even I'm not sure how I can do this.  :)















I love this part. I love to Paint. And over the last 35 years I have pick-up a lot of paint skills. its great to see something come alive with colour.



Painting is not done on this part yet. :)  more again soon.

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Hello again.  Still progressing  :)


Because I have the fans pulling air in form the back of the case to make real use of the dust filter. I made some new stickers for the backs of the fans to make them still look like the front..









Building the base is a messy but fun. A lot a carving to be done. And dino's to make and fit to the base.



Above I used Cling_wrap to cover the parts. to keep them clean.









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Hello again,  So now I have most of the background blocked out. it is now time too add some details to match in with the first part.


Using a soft wire brush will the Dremel to remove excess foam and not damage the plastic & paint parts. 

The rest is of it is a bit more time consuming.  :)





This took a long time to do. and at the same time I had to shape the rocks as well.



So far it's all blocked out ready for some more details to be added. :)

Using white air dry clay.



Here you can see the two parts come together as one.



And yes this part took a very very long time to do. :( 



while the clay is drying I added the tool marks. from when it was uncovered. :) 



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As a late surprise from TT with a Pacific DP-100  I'm going to still do what I can to mount it on the back of the case. And I think it will still do  a top job keeping things looking clean and tidy. :) 








Also mounting it to the middle of the case still allows the use of the dust filter with the air being pulled in from the back.  




A test run of the logo. :P 



Sadly the cold air got to it when printing and this one was no good.  Building a old sever case up for the printer to go in at this moment to keep things warm. :) 

More on that soon.

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34 minutes ago, Erik Bmods said:

The TT k.n.o.b. in the T rex jaws is a nice touch. This project is coming along great!

Cheers Erik. :)   Watching your build as well it's looking awesome,

I'm sure we are all fowling each others progress. :)  And all the best to all who are entered. We may not know each other. And we may all have different lives But we all love what we do and love doing it.  


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9 minutes ago, ZenModz said:

Cheers Erik. :)   Watching your build as well it's looking awesome,

I'm sure we are all fowling each others progress. :)  And all the best to all who are entered. We may not know each other. And we may all have different lives But we all love what we do and love doing it.  


Couldn't have said it better myself. Having tons of fun with this contest. 

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