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  1. Thank you, the reason is when we contact Razer to check the issue, they will ask us the same thing. We will contact Razer soon see what they changed in last update, will keep you posted.
  2. Hi, How many TT RGB Plus products you have? only 3 riing plus fans? Does TT RGB Plus works fine? What product of Razer you trying to sync? The Fan speed will not be exactly the same, it will be a a bit different.
  3. Hi May I know your MB, CPU, OS version. and any other TT RGB Plus products you connected? Did you turn on any other MB light control software? Did you try to turn off TT RGB Plus? If Yes, all these 3 fans run the default lighting mode or the 3rd runs different lighting?
  4. Hi, You may download it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xsOh7KHi2Nc_qAVqhupkjyajYPT4yKY7/view?usp=sharing
  5. Hi, What version of Windows do you have?
  6. Hi, We have been working on this issue for a month, it seems that Windows 10 2004 update causes certain USB devices incompatibility, which means OS is failed to detect our control, normally you may see "USB device error" if you go to Device manager in Windows . Please update your BIOS, and uninstall your USB device (our controller) in device manager then restart your PC.
  7. Hi, Thank you for supporting us, we plan to add brightness adjustment soon.
  8. Hi, Riing silent 12 RGB sync CPU cooler doe not support TT RGB Plus software, it is designed for MB RGB sync software. Currently, we dont have any TT RGB Plus enabled air cooler.
  9. Got it, thank you, let us double check with Team group and get back to you soon.
  10. May I know the model name of your T-Force memory? Meantime, we already contacted Team group to check if they updated they hardware recently.
  11. ok, then may i know your system config, like CPU, MB, OS version, tt rgb plus version, photos of how you connection controller and 4 pin cable, also, can you check " device manager" in windows, see if USB device shows fail or error? that will be two issues, first is fans not light up, 2nd is controller error code " cant not find controller"
  12. can you try another controller since you got two? If that one works, then we can RMA the one you using right now.
  13. ok, i think it is controller issue. btw, you said you have 4pcs riing quad, did you buy 2 x 3 fan packs? or you bought a single riing quad fan? Do you have another controller?
  14. Did the 4 riing quad fans light up when you turn on your PC, i mean before you turn on TT RGB Plus software?
  15. Before we move to the next step, just wanna check did you see T-Force memory in the RGB Sync page in TT RGB Plus like the attached photo. You can click the little blue button on the top, then switch to RGB Sync page.
  16. Hi, May i know how many Riing Quad fan you connect? Any other products from us are TT RGB PLUS controlled? How you connect your controller to 4pin connector?
  17. You can email to cs3@thermaltake.com.tw, see if they got spare controllers?
  18. Hi, Sorry for the incontinence, just checked our customer service, they will send u email today.
  19. Hi, Do you have at least one Thermaltake product which is TT RGB PLUS enabled? Like a Riing fan or AIO?
  20. Can you send us some photos of how you connect the LED cables to the controller? According to your description, there would be a chance that it is a over voltage issue.
  21. Hi, It seems the LEDs inside the water block are defective since you have tried all possible solution. please msg me your email and where you bought this product, our customer service will contact you soon.
  22. I am afraid that it can not be exactly at the same position for the port, best way is to adjust the tubes.
  23. Hi, you can contact our customer service, cs3@thermaltake.com.tw
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