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  1. For several months I was unable to get a ToughRam 32GB kit to work with Thermaltakes TOUGHRAM RGB software ANY version before version 1.0.7 which now works reliably for me All traces of the previous software should be uninstalled including the 'hidden' TT folder Located in: C:\Users\**YOURUSERNAME**\AppData\Roaming Other RGB software installations may conflict also and should be removed before testing
  2. There are no spares for PC cases direct from Thermaltake which is a common problem with this company
  3. Re-check all connections - especially the power at the SATA end (wire connected to 'COM') Each fan and RGB circuit is hooked up to the same wire so if the fans spin and (have power ), either you need to cycle through the RGB modes using the reset switch or touching a metal object against the two pins that the reset wire is connected to (to see if the switch is working) OR that the RGB isn't set to off. Are you able to connect the black M/B-IN connector (top of board as shown in pic) to your motherboard (3-PIN header / 5V Only!)? If none of the above works then you may have a shorted out controller board
  4. For me, if that is done then TT RGB Plus software does not display the temps on Ryzen 3700X and the app quits soon after launch
  5. Not received any message from customer service Here is a video showing the issue https://streamable.com/5i2hei
  6. Thermaltake Pacific R1 Plus RGB Memory Cover functions as expected (can change RGB pattern) when connected up but is not listed from the drop down menu in TT RGB Plus software so cannot properly be configured. Issue occurs even when Pacific R1 Plus is the only device on the controller and connected to port number 1. Is there a firmware update for this device to show up? as the issue is the same with another controller I tested with.
  7. Hello From purchase, the pump head on a Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 360 TT fitted to my system has had an issue where a segment of yellow is shown when a static white colour is set in software. Does not matter if the software COLOUR MODE is set to to SINGLE or RGB and it cannot be adjusted out. The RGB colour always gets stuck in the same place on YELLOW The issue has been present with each software revision I have tried...
  8. Windows 10 2004 (19041.421) ASrock X370 Taichi R7 3700X
  9. Version 1.37 on Windows 10 2004 Same issue as original poster. Software freezes at start up following a cold boot, if I kill the process in Task Manager a few times eventually the software will display the windows but then one controller will not be recognised even though both correctly configured / installed. Issue persists even with just one controller present
  10. Have you selected the type of fan from the drop down menu you are using on each port? The default may be 'LUMI Plus' so won't do anything for the fan control
  11. Launch issue resolved with 1.3.5 update which recently appeared
  12. The 200mm cable I purchased back in January 2020 developed a fault causing the PCIE link speed to drop to 3.0 @ x8 instead of x16. I filled in an RMA on Thermaltake'site and 3 days later a new cable was sent to me. Amazing service and surprising as no email or letter was sent other than confirmation that the RMA was received. The replacement riser cable (same part as faulty one) resolved the PCIE link speed issue.
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