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  1. Hi, Since you tried every possible solution, looks like the controller is defective, please msg me your email and where you bought our products, our customer service will contact you soon for RMA process, sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hi, I am not sure what is your question, if google translate is correct, looks like you are looking for a manual of cooler master's AIO and software? If yes, i can not help you on this, we are not Cooler master, do not know about it. If no, it would be helpful if you can provide more info regarding your question.
  3. Hi, thanks for your prompt reply. Can you help to check "device manager" in windows, see if it shows USB device error?
  4. Hi, Does the riing quad and controller connect to an individual molex(4pin)? Riing quad got 54 LEDs on each fan, requires high voltage, so please dont connect it with other device with one molex cable. Did you try to unplugged the riing quad and controller, see if the issue happens again?
  5. Hi, may i know your system config, likes CPU and MB? Did you have windows update recently? We found some issues after recent win 10 updates, working on it now.
  6. Hi, First of all, i would suggest you to plug the 2 x trio fans to the controller where you plugged the cpu wb, the other controller just for 3 x riing quad fans. Also, the riing quad fans only connect with the controller comes with riing quad, and plug the controller with an individual molex (4pin), the 2nd controller (cpu wb + riing trio) connects with another molex cable. Reason is riing quad got 54 LEDs on each fan, need high voltage.
  7. Hi, If this is the case, i would suggest that maybe you can consider talk to MSI first, and we will continue find the solution with our R&D team at the same time, keep you updated.
  8. Hi, May i know what products you plugged? how many? and how you plug it to controllers? Did you mean "device manager" cant find the USB device of our controller?
  9. Hi, What CPU and MB you using? Does "device manager" shows USB device error?
  10. Hi, Did you mean your setting is not applied even when TT RGB PLUS starts?
  11. Hi, This is Thermaltake's forum, we are happy to find the answer for you regarding all of our products.
  12. Hi, Thank you for supporting Thermaltake. It is because the pump of our AIO is dual-phase design, an BIOS normally reads four-phase numbers, therefore you will find the pump speed in BIOS is half of its real speed, dont worry, the pump is actually running with 3000rpm.
  13. Hi, To clarify the issue, did you mean cant not find the controller in TT RGB Plus? Here are some info and troubleshooting steps need you to provide and try. 1. How many controller you connect? and how you connect the controllers? Can you upload photos here? 2. If you only plugged one Riing Plus 20, does the fan light up and spin? 3. Can you try to plug the controller to another 4pin molex? 4. Can you check "device manager" in Windows, see if you can find it in "USB device list" and does it shows USB driver fails?
  14. Hi, Your MB is MSI b450m right? Did youtry to contact MSI before?
  15. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. Looks like the bottom three LEDs are having the same issue. please msg me your email and contact info.
  16. Hi, It's "USB Device not recognized", according to the instruction from microsoft, the USB driver does not work properly, you may try to disable the USB device in "device manager", and turn off your PC for 5 mins, turn it on again, Windows will auto-scan all USB devices, it should be ok. Here is the instruction from microsoft. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2654149/error-usb-device-not-recognized-when-you-try-to-access-a-usb-external
  17. Got it, we will contact Razor asap, keep you updated.
  18. Hi, Does TT RGB Plus work fine? Any error msg? I would need more details, does the TT 360 rad mean a AIO cooler or just simply a liquid cooling radiator? Can you let me know the product name? cuz liquid cooling radiator does not support NeonMaker, only Riing quad fan does. Can you provide some photos of how you connect your controller and devices, also screen shoot of NeonMaker error msg. Thank you.
  19. Hi, The fans comes with Versa J24 RGB are fixed speed, fan speed can not be adjusted.
  20. Hi, Need you to do some tests to identify the issue. Uninstall 1.3.7, and re-install 1.3.6 via the link below, see if the issue still happens https://www.thermaltake.com/downloads If issue solved with 1.3.6, please let me know. If no, please keep your PC on and turn on TT RGB Plus, then unplug the power cord of the controller on the controller side. wait for 5 sec and plug it back again, see if windows and TT RGB PLUS detect new devices.
  21. Hi, One possibility, the controller is defective, i need your help to do one more test before we move to RMA. Please turn on your PC and into TT RGB Plus, you might see the pop up msg says "cant find the controller". then unplug the power cord of controller on the controller side, wait for 5 sec and plug it again, see if windows detects new devices.
  22. Hi, Thank you for supporting Thermaltake. Please see the attached file. Water_2.0.rar
  23. Understand. Our team have testing the synapse since the first day we received your issue report, it works fine till last week. what game you are playing? we can contact Razer for troubleshooting discussion.
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