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Everything posted by dO_ob

  1. Wow, i never knew Thermaltake had sound dampening cases!! might look into a build with the T31
  2. Looks nice AlShuryan! cant wait to see the V 2.0 complete!
  3. Wow you gave your friend that rig? can we be friends?
  4. Nice man! i'm loving your build, i will 1 day follow in your footsteps to change the LED's but might have to find some time for that
  5. Wow CyberDracula, that red theme looks actually very cool! Did it take long to do?
  6. The sleeved cables look great! cant wait to get my hands on some
  7. Wow, such customization, much beauty
  8. HAHA how much did u buy it for lol
  9. oh haha, sorry didn't notice before
  10. dO_ob

    new build

    Hi Silky, i actually posted a tool on the forums where you can check how much power your components suck out of the wall the tool can be found on this thread in all honestly i recommend something a little higher than what the calculator says, also gives you more room for future upgrades Do you have any pics you can share with us on the build so far?
  11. has anyone tried the new benchmark Sky diver?
  12. haha, i wish i had a picture of my ghetto mod, i wrapped my PSU cords with black tape back in the day. I actually think your implementation RE Spartan is quite cool
  13. The rig of 1000 truths aka Slayer of no life
  14. I bought a motherboard one time that did not support SLI but only crossfire, serves me right for not researching before my purchase That motherboard still sits in my room collecting dust
  15. That's true! one of my main reasons too!! Just the GPU block alone can set u back more than a hundred bucks then you have the pump, res, and all that! But tbh it looks very nice, but i just don't justify the money spent for a couple of deg... i think its more aesthetics .. if i had the money i would defiantly go full DIY though
  16. I use AIO water cooling because its maintenance free !
  17. Wow, that's very cool! job well done
  18. If anyone is having trouble calculating how much power they need for their next build you can use this website as a guide The site also has a quick flow guide which can help you map out your water loop! http://extreme.outervision.com/index.jsp
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