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  1. The Challenger Prime has very soft and silent keys.
  2. Which power supply did you get and where? Who offered the rebate?
  3. Please email our customer support in Germany at support@thermaltake.de We'll figure something out
  4. Hello everyone, due to high demand, we are now able to offer the fan/HDD brackets of the Core X9 as spare part in the European Union through our customer service office in Germany for € 14.90. Anyone who is interested is recommended to send an email to support@thermaltake.de Please note that shipping may be restricted to countries that are part of the customs union in the European Union. If you have any further questions, please let us know here and we will answer them to our best knowledge.
  5. The planned cooling setup should provide plenty of cooling. I'd dare to say that one exhaust (rear), one intake (front) and maybe an additional intake fan on the side will suffice. But that's the beauty of this case: You have so many options and can try out what you feel works best (and change it later, if it does not).
  6. Hello CrossUp and welcome to our forum. Which region are you in? The release dates differ a bit sometimes.
  7. Hello Tryerina and welcome to our forum, the page you linked is in German so I assume you know German as well. We got some staff members of our office in Germany lurking around in these forums (e.g. me) so feel free to ask your question in German. The Skylake generation of CPUs has a fairly low thermal design power and should be fine (especially with a 160mm tall CPU cooler). A GTX 980 can develop a little more heat so primarily you should worry about keeping your VGA cool. The traditional recommended cooling setup sucks in air from the front and/or bottom and/or side and blows it out at the rear and/or top. It makes sense to adjust the CPU cooler to the direction of the airflow (sucks air from the front, blows it out to the rear). How important is noise to you? Please bear in mind that taking out one of the dampening panels at the top or side will increase the noise your system makes by a little, while it benefits the cooling capabilities. Upgrading the cooling without removing any sound dampening panels is only possible by adding another intake fan at the bottom. Taking out the HDD cages is a good idea as it allows the 200mm front fan to do a lot of work. The default fan design of the F51 is actually already quite good with 1x 200mm and 1x 140mm fan. I would suggest to first build the system and use a tool like "CPU-Z" to measure the CPU and VGA temperatures under a bit of load. If the VGA gets too hot, you can think about installing an intake fan in the side panel, which delivers fresh and cool air directly onto the VGA. For reference: According to NVIDIA, the GTX980 can endure up to 98°C. This is obviously not recommended. A good rule of thumb would be that anything below 80°C at full load is fine.
  8. Nice photos! Was nice to meet you, Ben
  9. As your "handler", may I just say that this turned out far better than I could ever hoped? It looks amazing when turned on (especially the front) and was a real eyecatcher. Lots of people at Insomnia 55 asked "Where can I buy this?"
  10. 1. Of course you can also keep it cool with air coolers. Just keep in mind that you will have a lot of unused space inside the case, if you do not install radiators and a pump and reservoir. To use the Core X9 to its fullest potential, we suggest using it with water cooling. 2. The Core X9 frame and side panels are made of steel so it's quite durable. 3. There are a lot of ventilation openings so do not expect the case to block out much noise. If you are looking for something with sound dampening, you can take a look at the new Suppressor F51 or our Urban series.
  11. Please check with our customer service department in Germany at support@thermaltake.de if the spare part is available.
  12. I have moved the topic to the correct support forum. For help with the Poseidon Z RGB on MacOS, please refer to this thread: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/1809-poseidon-z-rgb-not-recognized-on-mac-os-x-after-firmware-update/?p=11862
  13. I have moved the topic to the correct support forum. For help with the Poseidon Z RGB on MacOS, please refer to this thread: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/1809-poseidon-z-rgb-not-recognized-on-mac-os-x-after-firmware-update/?p=11862
  14. I have moved this topic to the correct forum. Please return the keyboard to your vendor or local Thermaltake branch to get a replacement.
  15. Is low noise or low temperature more important for you? If you take out the dampening panels from the top, you will get better cooling and more options but also more noise from inside the case, that might be something to consider. I would recommend switching the back radiator setup to exhaust and exhaust through the back and top. Usually that gives better results.
  16. Sounds like the circuits might be faulty. You can get a replacement from your vendor or local Thermaltake support.
  17. That's how it works, yes And then you take out the frame for the fans. Please see the pictures below for reference.
  18. The Versa H22 has a removable bracket in the front to mount fans and radiators. The front bezel can be removed to remove the frame for the fans.
  19. For the moment that is correct. All of the current Tt eSPORTS keyboards require a wire.
  20. The Meka G-Unit is not a wireless keyboard. You can remove the cable for transport but to work it requires a USB connection.
  21. You've already allowed me to take peeks at the progress so I am excited for the next session of photos Can't wait to see how you modded the front!
  22. With RGB fans, you don't have to decide anymore. Soonâ„¢
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