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[Philippines] Jesse Palacio

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For me, this is the best build. Why?! Do you see how much work there is on this build?! And HandMade!? It takes a lot of skill and pacience (and body pains like ####) to acomplish something like this in such short time.


Jesse Palacio have really great skills and he is an inspiration to other modders who dont have access to heavy machinery but still can make beautiful and amazing things like this Juggernaut!

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This should win because this build is so creative, it shows the out of the box creativeness and also showcases the skills of the modder. It also has that "ohmp" aspect that when you see it, you know that the parts and components used are high end and enthusiast class.


Jesse Palacio have my bote dude, a job well done!!!

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GUYS, I CANT SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH. it is always a good 'push' for me to improve, when i see people appreciate my work. it is tough to be a modder without proper tools, but it being "TOUGH" will never stop me. so again, from the bottom of my heart, i say THANK YOU. let's FINISH STRONG!!!


updates for today:


JUGGERNAUT's "support system" being integrated.






Tt RIING fans installed on the radiators.






motherboard and GPU installing tomorrow. =) i also need to finish the front bumper grills.


stay tuned!

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thanks again guys. specially to Nick of Dirty South PC Mods. such an awesome friend to have.


today, i managed to do the first loop of the build. the tubes were a little short for what i planned, so i opted to use a few 90 degree adapters. it still all came out ok pretty much. i also opted to go for a ROG motherboard as opposed to my Sabertooth X99. tghe color of the board seemed to make more sense to me.
























im going to do the GPU loop tomorrow.. and (yeah.. ive said i would many times before, lol) the front bumper.


Stay tuned. we're close to hitting home. #finishSTRONG

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first off.. i would like to thank everyone responsible for making the Tt Casemod Invitational Season 2 possible. I would also like to thank those who nominated me to become a part of such a strong group of elite modders from all over the world. If you ask me, i have no idea how i was considered, but I did my best to play my role and live up to whatever was expected out of me. it has been a very difficult short journey for me. many obstacles needed to be cleared in order for me to continue my entry, and the one most recently was the most difficult. My partner in life's father, suffered a from a major stroke just about the time i was finishing up with the smaller details of JUGGERNAUT. at the moment i am typing this, he is in a coma, with no chance of recovery. i ask for not only your appreciation of my build, i also ask for your prayers. that he may have a peaceful and happy journey back to our creator. i dedicate this build not only to the people who aspire to start modding. i also dedicate this build to my family. papa Jess, i will be missing you. see you again someday.


Here are JUGGERNAUT's finished photos. good luck everyone. we are all winners. #finishSTRONG!

























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