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TT DPS G APP v3.2.9 Does not minimize to taskbar/toolbar on bootup after Windows 10 boot initializes. User is hit with TT DPS UI Screen until manually closed.

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The latest version of TT DPS G APP 3.2.9 Does not automatically minimize to taskbar/toolbar after Windows 10 bootup initializes. I'm hit with the TT DPS UI menu option until I manually close it. Prior versions would load the TT DPS G APP UI menu screen for 1,2 seconds. There after it would minimize to the toolbar/taskbar automatically. Does this software version have a glitch or bug causing the new issues? I'm running the latest build of Windows 10 and a 3090 Stix Graphics card.  I have an Intel i9 9900X with 32GB of Quad channel memory clocked at 3300MHz. I get annoyed having to continue closing the box every time I boot into Windows.


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In addition to this software sucking. It's full of useless add-on bloatware. Come on Thermaltake! This isn't industry standard. For a power supply that runs nearly $500 Your software truly sucks compared to that of Asus and EVGA.  Hire someone to redesign the ugly UI. This is 2021 stop using the Windows ME UI likeness and get creative for once. It's like Thermaltake hired clueless Norman the foreman to write application code. Instead of running the warehouse forklift. 


Bloatware screenshot reported by IObIT Uninstaller Pro v10.2 Confirmed bundled program.




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Thermaltake, The TT DPS software by now at the current build stage should have the following features.  Reference software features from NZXT's CAM. Maybe you will get a freaking clue on  what users want to experience with software functionality.  Or maybe not if your already at this stage of software development. 

* Start TT DPS Minimized 

* Enable Dark or White theme background 





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On 3/30/2021 at 10:05 AM, JeffWu said:

Hi Digital_Fuzion

Thank you for your suggestion, we have developed a new version V3.3.0

Add TT DPS G minimized option and startup option.

Thank you for your feedback again.

if this is true and it works permanently then it is a real improvement.

nevertheless, i apologize for my distrust.

i will try this software version but set a system restore point first.

i have been disappointed too many times with each new software version.

I've been using your power supplies and software for three or four years now, and to this day I'm still waiting for the software to work the way it should.

the biggest annoyance for me was the not minimizing of the software.

sometimes I even thought you wanted to punish or annoy us somehow.

I'm still running the old TT DPS G App Global v3.2.0 because it was the only version i could deactivate the 'DPSG-start' task in the windows task planer and deactivate the autorun of Thermaltake DPS Power. i had also renamed the ThermaltakeUpdate.exe to ThermaltakeUpdate1.exe to deactivate the autoupdate of the software.

this was my way of fixing the not auto minimizing window after startup.

it is difficult to find a 1250 watt power supply with red led fans so i am doomed to use your power supply and software.
otherwise I would have changed long ago.

the only option would be to buy a power supply and replace the standard fan with a red glowing led fan.

I also use many other thermaltake products and they are superb, but why you build such a mess with the power supply software I do not understand.


EDIT: oh my ..., it's working! unbelievable! ahhahahahaha. thank you!



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