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Thank you for all the support, we have finally completed the build, apart from filling it up, which will be done tomorrow.  Feel free to vote for us, if you like what we have done.  Special mention,

Hello everyone and welcome to my build log. Firstly I would love to start by introducing myself. My Name is Corey Gregory and I go by the modding name 'Imfaceroll Gaming'.   I am 22 years old from

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates the past few days, been so busy working every day until midnight to get this PC complete so i hope you all understand. I have the footage recorded so i will eve

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Lots to get done in a short amount of time! Just started on the last section of the body using the mould-able aluminium.


Finally got our hands on the grinder to cut this aluminium out faster!




Used some tape to hold the sheets in place while i am working with the build.




Got the grinder out to cut the curve shape into the back end.




Turned out nicely if i do say so myself =)




Flipped the build over to repeat the same process




To keep that nice even edge i put some foam in between the top and bottom pieces




Then added a bit of tape to keep it all in place while the foam dries




All dry now so time to carve out the excess foam and clean the edges up!






I hope you guys like the progress so far!









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may the force be with you! good luck bro!  :)


So much effort needed for the details. This build is wicked!


Superb design! a truelly starwars fan! love it!


Corey is here. The Force is with him  :D

Looking great so far!


I am loving the uniqueness of this build! I hope my friends in AUS see the finished product of this build. They are computer enthusiasts too. And would prolly love this build. Goodluck m8!


This build is certified hdLvatI.png


The Force is real on this build!!! Awesome!!!! :D


Thank you sooooo much guys i really appreciate the feed back =) may the force be with you all =)

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Time to get some strength into the build guys! This build is going to have some weight but who cares =) it is only going to be a display build, so lets get stuck into it!


Starting to fibre glass the body everyone, i started by coating the body with the resin before applying the first layer






As i add the layers i brush more of the resin stuff over it to make sure there are no dry patches.




Three layers later and this is what it looks like 




All dry now and cured so its time to cut off the excess fibre glass.




On to the windows of the TIE fighter now everyone, I got the vinyl plotter out to stick some vinyl down to use as a cutting guide




weeding the bits of vinyl off that we do not need






Now i am sticking the vinyl down on some application tape so i can apply it easier




cutting it to shape  




Sticking it onto the acrylic, there are a couple of rough spots but lucky this is only a guide =)






Time to Jigsaw the acrylic with our plastic cutting blade




Final result!




A bit of sanding to clean up the jigsaw marks






Here are some other windows we cut out using the same process.




Anyone want some BBQ acrylic?




The heat of the BBQ heats up the acrylic evenly where as the heat gun is good for maintaining heat in areas. I used the cut outs of the ball i had left over as a mould to get the curve in the acrylic. After that any waves left in the acrylic i can hit with the heat gun.




I plan on etching panel details into the build so today i am layering a 3mm thick layer of body filler over the body. The body filler is also a good surface for me to paint when smooth.






I hope you are all enjoying the progress =)

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You guys know how much i love the sanding so i have more for you today and a nice looking TIE Advanced body.


Starting off with the orbital sander to bring the body filler down nice and smooth, was a very fast process with the 80 grit paper.




Finishing off the side sections with the delta sander as it is much smaller.




Also took the time to get the join of the two sections nice and sharp




And here is the shaped up body








Will need to add a bit of grease back into the sliders




Time to start some detailing! Firstly with the front cut outs. I need to wipe down the wings to apply some vinyl as a cutting guide










Now that the vinyl is applied it is time to get the grinder out




A bit of hammering and using the flat head screw driver and we get it out.




Just a bit of dremel work to clean it all up




Now to install a back piece in there to work off of. I cut out some acrylic pieces and sanded them to side






A bit of araldite will hold it in place  




Now i am using our foam again to fill in the edges






I also removed some of the steel rod on the guns so that i could foam around them to form up the guns.






This bigger piece that i put on the BBQ was a bit too big for the mould so it got a couple of waves around the outside. I concentrated the heat gun on each individual wave to get them all flat.






As you can see, the front half has been fixed, time for the second half of waves.




Here is what the TIE Fighter looks like with the windows on




Foam is finally dry! time to carve!






I hope you are all enjoying the progress, more shortly.








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You know what man, If you can make a laser out of this Mod that would be so awesome!!!! (Even though I know you already thought about it).You are doing a great job man! Keep it up!



id certainly love to =) the problem is our country is not too happy with lasers, apart from concerts etc

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Should not this be a "case" modding or what? the model look awaesome, but thisis not a PC anymore... This is some kind of toy...

hey man, thanks for the input, while this is a modding competition and we were asked to use the core P5 for our build, i went a step further and asked thermaltake if i was able to use the Core P5s main features to create something unique, and i can assure you this is certainly a PC and certainly not a toy =) 

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