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Hi folks, nice to see you are following this thanks!! With only 3 days on the counter I had to make a drastic decision and had to go to plan B.... Why? Well, as I got like 10 full days transport and customs delays I couldn't make up that lost time, so there was no other option than to use plan-B. The plan is to use PTEG tubings instead of my custom channel window... I know it sucks, but hey, better a finished build that's operational than a half build right?

So as time flew by I printed my custom GPU brackets and mounted them in place as seen in picture below...notice the honeycomb mesh? ...thats for the airflow to pas the back of the cards ;-) 






And with them in place it looks more and more like i thought it would  :-) 



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Time for the Custom paint job!! I hasitated for a long time unthil I seen an new car on the parking lot and it's colour was amazing! It's from a newest Peugeot 208 and is caled Ice Silver...I liked it so much i decided to take this colour. It's a gunmetal metalic matte colour with a special structure in the paint, so it took the entiere day to spray it with 5 layers....





So here is the last picture before painting...naked in the sun !! 




The result will been seen tomorrow (drying now) :rolleyes:  STAY tuned folks the end is near !!! :ph34r:

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Hi Bro's, like I promised I will finnisch themail Shui Shen like the original plan was. The window channel is under construction and Jim Weist is taking care of it...who else? I hade finally made the right measurements and send him the drawing. So I realy looking forward to complete this. In the mean time I can make you warm with some update pics.












Stay tuned!

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