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Hi Graychild,


Sorry to hear the experience you have with spacebar on Challenger Keyboard.


If you locate at USA or Canada, Please apply RMA at this Link.


Email: ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com


Contact Toll Free: 1-800-988-1088 M-F 9:00AM~5:30PM (PST)


We are willing to help to replace spacebar for you under 2 years warranty


Please provide the following informaiton during RMA applicaiton:



Phone Number



Item Number

Serial Number

Purchase Locaiton

Invoice Date

Invoice Number


Please attached Copy of Receipt within Return Package.


Sorry for your inconvenience and Thanks for your cooperation.  

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I already applied for an RMA, it is less than 2 years since the date of purchase, I applied the RMA over a month ago, I've not heard a peep from support since. I even gave them my credit card for the advance thing just in case.


Hi Graychild, 


Sorry about the delay.  Let me check the status for you.


May I have your RMA number that we issue you once you applied ?  


Thank you.

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Hi marco,

I have the exact same problem but I live in Australia. What can I do?


Hi Nooza,


Sorry to hear that you have the same problem with spacebar on Challenger Keyboard.


There are two ways to contact Thermaltake in Australia and New Zealand

Tel: 03 9763 1622


email a support ticket at link


Wish both contact information will assist your need.

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