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Installing a Tough Power 750 on a Thermaltake P1 chassis.  The instructions for the TP 750 say that I need to connect the USB cable to the powersupply and to the mother board, but does not mention where to connect it.  The usb side is easily discernible.  The other black molded connector can go in any number of places on my Strix x470i mobo.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Awesome!  Thank you!

I put it into the USB 2.0 header there and it still does not light up.  Nor does the PSU get seen by the TT RGB plus application.  It says "could not find Fan Controller (Error Code:H_0x0001)

The RGB fan on the PSU has not lit up ever.  Is this normal?  Note that when I unplug the USB mini end from the PSU that Windows 10 makes the chime that indicates something was removed from the PC.  When I check the device manager there are no flags up.  


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Hi sir,


for digital PSU, you need to install DPS G PC APP here http://dps.thermaltake.com/en

it is designed to control PSU, and for TT RGB PLUS software, it is designed to control case fan, cooler, etc.

meantime, could you provide your PSU model name for me?  is it this one? Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 750W Gold

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I have installed this software twice and received this error both times  "Could not setup a connection with power supply.  Please make sure your Toughpower DPS is successfully connected to computer via USB."

The USB mini side is connected to the PSU and the USB pin out is connected to the motherboards USB 2 pins.

When I remove the USB mini side from the PSU it registers that something was removed so I know it is installed correctly.  The PSU RGB is still not working

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could you take a photo of your USB cable line? 

one side is the mini side for the PSU, and another side is 9-pin for motherboard ( the place that I circled red for you on the picture)

here is the 9-pin port photo for your reference


if it is still unavailable, please find following customer service to change the USB cable line for you

USA/Canada/South America:


Australia/ New Zealand



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Hi sir 


Because it is  customize cable, you can just buy a new one mini USB to USB cable, and insert to USB slot on motherboard.

Could you please provide your PSU product name?
Maybe you can contact our RMA service team to get a new cable.  


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On 8/16/2018 at 9:44 PM, Darren YangTt Spm said:


could you provide us what is the model of your power supply?

here is the reference for you, I circle the USB port on x470i motherboard


I am installing  the ThermalTake tough power I Series 1000w irgbPlus. I have all of my cables connected... both my SATA connectors are in and one peripheral connector as well. But I noticed there there is another slot for an additional peripheral connector. The box only came with one, so I was wondering if I can install the extra Sata cable in there? and would it operate as a regular SATA of cable ? Also I would like to know is the usb is mandatory and or necessary, and if so for what reason? My motherboard is ROG Crosshair Hero Viii And from what I see I only have two USB connectors so if it isn’t totally necessary to use this USB from the power supply would be insightful to know. Indeed if I don’t need it, I will have to get an extension hub. Attached or photos of what’s mentioned above.



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