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hi, I've got my mouse few days ago and the driver told me to update the firmware this morning, when i press the update now button, it did not update and the mouse's light turned off and disabled. I reconnect it and it show i hv connected a IRIS RGB bootloader. The driver still said i need to update the firmware but i pressed both the later and update now button,nothing happened and the mouse still not working . can someone help me plz

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Oh finally I found someone with the same problems. I thought i was the only one. Except I've got my mouse 4 months ago.

I've contacted the seller I got my mouse from, to which he told me to reach out to Thermaltake through facebook. I'm currently waiting for a reply, it's been about more than 12 hours since I've messaged them and still no reply.

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Ok guys, so I found a forum for the same problem but with the Neptune Elite keyboard instead, however in that case, a PM came by and dropped a link to a file to fix the update.
Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1voGuwm1daSZvXEc6wa8_lfnrxovsjXeQ


Here's the full reply

"Good day, I’m Thermaltake PM, Stephen. I understand that there’s been an error during the FW update on your Iris MIKU Edition mouse.


Please update the mouse again via the FW updater file, link below. If any question, please let me know.




Thank you for your patient and understanding. We apologize for the inconvenience


Best Regards,


Stephen Chiang

Product Development 

TEL: +886-2-87975788 #2856

Mobile: +886-910-279-425

Email: stephen.chiang@ttesports.com



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Alright, im facing the same problem as you do.
I do own the mouse like few month ago (this year).

The link given are the firmware update for,

the size is around 400kb (100kb+, for the rar file)
After you extract them, you might wanna disable antivirus. Because it would totally blocked the update and ended being unresponsive (Not Responding).
So, is just click and launch. 
took me 2 hours to resolve this haha. While watching Kimetsu no Yaiba .

Biggest ooF Ever.

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